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  1. I did well on mine and did it without much practice. I would advise against doing what I did, so make sure to practice! My speech was just under the 13 minute mark, and covered my topic well. The key is finding a good topic that a) you will be able to speak for 12-15 minutes about and b) will be easy enough to create a PowerPoint or some sort of visual presentation for. Also, time yourself giving the speech while practicing! You will talk faster during the real deal due to nervousness, so make sure that you're not on the cusp of 12 minutes. Losing points to simple things is the easiest way to
  2. I am a second year student in IB Psychology, and have (obviously) dealt with some of those nasty SAQ's! I found that http://ibguides.com/psychology/home has some great tips! The site walks you through the writing of each learning outcome there is, and is a useful study tool. It gives examples of studies to provide in your writing, and also gives in depth analysis for each study. Hope it helps!
  3. Sounds like a good topic! However, Japan has a much more elderly population, so you would be able to collect more data that way. It is all personal preference though... Good luck!
  4. I will not take Math Studies SL until next year so I do not know. Hopefully someone else can answer that for you :/
  5. I am taking Physics HL and it can be quite tough! You sound like you like it enough to succeed, so go for it. Also, I hope you sure like Math HL because my school doesn't offer it since it is so hard. Maybe you could run a 4 HL/2 SL schedule if your school would allow it! Mine does, but I am not sure if others do... Good luck!
  6. How is/was the Golden Ratio incorporated into modern/ancient architecture?
  7. Well, one must first distinguish the difference between killing and murdering. Murdering is without reason, and often in cold blood. Killing can be quite necessary at times, as in war and self-defense.
  8. Probably HL English or HL History. The teachers are great.
  9. Alabama is one of those schools that almost everyone hates. I don't like Alabama because they simply win too much. Everyone likes an underdog plus all the teams that I have ever liked are Alabama's rivals! I was a huge Longhorn fan, and Alabama killed Colt McCoy's career and UT's chances of winning the NCG. I now am interested in going to Texas A&M, so I am an Aggies fan. The dislike for Alabama runs deep lol.
  10. Have you ever done the College Bowl Pick'em on ESPN? Y'all should try it! Here are my 2 entries: 1 2
  11. I have hopes for A&M too hahah! But seriously, I think we all are ready for the playoff system next year. It will make everything so much more fair instead of random schools like UCF playing powerhouses like Baylor. Level playing fields are coming at last!
  12. Ohio State is playing Clemson in the Orange bowl. Then Alabama will kill Oklahoma in the Sugar Bowl. Michigan State got Stanford in the Rose Bowl. Too many easy bowl games this year IMO.
  13. Ohio State will win the Big 10 next year and play some SEC school the national championship (Hopefully Texas A&M ) The SEC is like a training ground for the NFL with all the national superpowers and whatnot.
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