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  1. A 4 isn't necessarily bad in IB. A 4 is passing. However, you'll want to do better on your IOP because you have time to fix it, unlike on your written exams. Therefore, you should probably aim for a 6. Well, aim for a 7, reward yourself if you get a 6, and be happy if you get a 5. As to etiquette, the different IB exams have different criteria. The IOP definitely does put an emphasis on your presentation skills, but it's the only one that does that. If I remember correctly, content is only one third of the grade for the IOP, so adjust your work so that you have an awesome presentation. I
  2. I've been out of IB for over a year now, so I'm a little out of the terminology. But I don't know what subject 'peace and conflict' is under, but I assume its history. If it is history, I'd say you need more work on the question. You can draw real conclusions about 'human instinct and aggression' from historical events like that (at least you can't until you're writing your sociology and history dissertation). While you can look at a more personal element in history, they are usually based on individual motivations. You look at documents and decide why a leader chose to take a cert
  3. Good luck to all of the candidates this year!
  4. Add these two replies together and you've got your answer US schools care about a lot of different things. Your scores are probably going to be good enough to get your foot in the door. But you'll need other things to impress them enough to let you in. Do some amazing things for CAS, write a killer essay with your application, ace your SAT, and you'll have a decent chance.
  5. Erm, no, I can't really say that I have gone through something similar. I could barely stand most of my IB teachers - love was not exactly on my mind.
  6. It depends on you, mostly. Do you find science easy? Perhaps you wouldn't have to spend so much time. But in general, it is definitely a lot of topics to cover. Depending on how your school does things, you might be able to choose options for Paper 3 in both subjects that have some overlap to save you some time (like the biochemistry option). Honestly, 3 HLs is not too difficult for most people. While those two together might make it a harder course load than choosing something else, I don't think it's impossible or even significantly more time consuming. My friends took Hl Chem (a
  7. As a freshman in college now, I can say that when I was in IB, I thought I related more to college students. But now I know that I really didn't. College is a different lifestyle entirely. Though, I should mention that the IB work was harder than the academic work in college, so far.
  8. I have read that cliche examples are bad in ToK essays, though I haven't heard this specific example enough to call it cliche (doesn't mean a ToK examiner wouldn't think so though). I'd say go with it if it is very clearly linked to what you're trying to say. If it's a stretch, think of something else.
  9. HL Maths was easily the hardest course for me, and I always considered myself to be good at maths. Take lots and lots of practice exams, even from years on a different syllabi (get familiar with the one you're on so you can identify which questions you won't need to do). Realize, if you end up in HL, that it is a really hard class, and that's reflected in the boundaries at the end. If I recall correctly, getting a 4 is something like 40% and getting a 7 is 75%. It varies year to year. Most of the points you'll get will be method points, so show your work! That's another reason to take a lot
  10. Thank You Thrashmaster for the advice. Going about keeping the experiment simple and finding something that has a room for error, I am now thinking about something in the direction of the heat of combustion of a homologous group of organic substance (fuels). Would the complexity of the idea suffice the requirement of IBO and get me a good mark if i've done it in the right way? It's an internal assessment, so ask your teacher. He/She will be the one grading it, after all.
  11. My tips for Chem IAs: 1. Choose something relatively simple. Being creative does you no good here. 2. Test something obvious: We all know that surface area and temperature affect the rate of reaction. But, why not test how changing one of those affects magnesium strips dissolving in sulfuric acid? It should have a clear trend for you to analyze and you'll be able to justify it (and be able to explain the science in the intro. Note: Do what's commensurate with your progress in HL Chem. This one might be too simple, but you get the idea. I think all of your Vitamin C ones are too hard/unrelat
  12. I think figuring that out for yourself is the whole point of the IOP. I'd say Freedom sounds inherently external and imprisonment internal in the obvious sense that you're stuck inside. From what I remember of Shawshank, I'd probably classify kindness as internal and brutality as external, but you need to figure it out for yourself so you can justify it during your IOP. If you can't, you should choose a topic you can talk about.
  13. Good luck to you! This is the final stretch - make it count!
  14. I'll be the ghost of an IB student. Not because I'm dead, but because I've moved on!
  15. My HL IA was on Newton's Method, and it did well. Just make sure to incorporate higher level concepts. Do it with a hard calculus problem, for example.
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