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  1. Hi, guys! I'm a DP 1 student doing ee on world studies and I 've narrowed my topic down onto ocean pollution or food safety or some other related focus. Yet, I'm not really sure about the proper way to do it. So, can anyone provide me with example ee on world studies or, if you have done it well before, would you give some advice ? Thanks! =)
  2. Does anyone in need of TOK notes ,like summaries of texts? I'm considering to update those notes . Just to do a little survey before I take action.
  3. sl physics mandarin history hl math english b economics
  4. thank you! =)i don't quite get your graph, but i understand the question now. at my level, i'd treat the problem as “ there's a potential of movement ”, so the pendulum is not at translational equilibrium.
  5. thanks for all your active answers! but I don't know for question 8, how is the resultant force of “0” possible ? Please explain in detail.
  6. Thank you guys very much for the answers! some extra concerns : could you please provide explanations for these questions as well
  7. please provide explanations to the questions, if you know the answer. I have a test tomorrow and still have some unsolved problems. Thanks a lot !!!! =)
  8. Sorry, I still don't get it fully. How do you get the asymptotes and x-intercept?
  9. Does anyone know how to do the question( provided in the pic) ? If you know, would you not only provide the answer (which matches the answer key) and explain why it is so , and further, mention where the reference in ib hl math textbook is. If possible, I would be very happy if you can provide me with really useful revision notes for math hl. I'm about to have my final in 2 days, and I'm now working hard for it. Thanks!
  10. I'm kind of having the same problem with you lately, yet the situation gets better lately and I realized that you'll get less stressed as long as you developed your own study plan and follow your own routine, not copying what others are doing.
  11. ArielYao

    Newton's laws

    Version ppt.


    ppt by a current IB physics teacher
  12. Hi, guys! Iˊm in the 1st year of IB and has got an exam coming up this Friday. Could anyone provide me with a link to notes of chapter 2 mechanics, or of the whole sl course? Thank you very much ! (I haven't got the VIP yet, but that will happen lately)
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