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  1. you can analyze the relations between these 2 countries after the pearl harbour bombing. like you can talk about the hostile reactions US citizens gave to japanese people in the country or whatever.. you can just work on any relationship between these 2 countries
  2. Orhan Pamuk's work is already torturing in Turkish, and they make poor innocent people read that **** in English? So sorry for you... i knw right atleast someone understands the pain we go through due to our school taking such suckish choices for novels..... :'(
  3. Istanbul: memories and a city by orhan pamuk things fall apart by chinua achebe
  4. This is quite a difficult question to answer - it really does depend on subject, and then the specific research question you have chosen. I did mine in English, and had what I thought was quite an 'average' length introduction of about 476 words, but I've seen English ones range from 300 to nearly 1000 words. It really depends on how much background knowledge and theory you need to introduce to make the body of your essay - with your main arguments - make sense and appear to be a topic worthy of research and analysis. It shouldn't really just be a summary of your essay, which is what introduct
  5. yeah i think optimization would be your best possible strategy i think rigel's idea for the juice can is amazing u cud really do it is innovative as well as easy to understand. As most of the time people done even understand what their topic is and what they have to do
  6. u can try fr university of toronto they dont actually require SAT and it is one of the best college in Cananda.
  7. how many words should our introduction be approximately?
  8. usually check through notes and references then. as you dont want to waste time and you want to be able to do the problems independently. then no choice remains except for go thorugh all your notes.
  9. just search the net u'll find plenty of examples. i can give u one the coen brothers:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coen_brothers
  10. what is the subject you are doing this IA on? is it economics or maths??
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