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  1. first of all congrats to you if you have final your film . then other is you say that about couple music , its depend on your story and this all you know about that if you think that there need a couple songs then i think you need to put the music with couple if not then also you know thta . always listen yourself because if you feel that you need to that then you will finish it not listen and keep it up . donot worry your every try is good for you . keep it . i will appreciate you . Math Practice Games
  2. most of the people in my class go 4th Grade Math Practice ...So that speaks for itself, I think that for my history syllabus, my teacher has chosen for us to do causes, practices and effects of war, among others. But, we are only learning about the causes of war... is this something that any of your teachers have done as well? As in, have they just chosen one of the three...
  3. i have clicked this but not working . can you told wht is there bedhind there. if you post your question here i think not any problem come again. ---------------------------------------- Math Help Online Free
  4. i donot think , it works with circular funchtion like the ones in the example. but is should work well for the most paret. and i will sure with ctcls because he did well and i think every thing he have shared with you. so follow this. i hope you have got now . ----------------------------------------------------- Addition Math Games
  5. i have not experience about that because i have related with education, Math Addition Worksheets | Math Games Online
  6. i think for playing with people that is good game and very interesting . i think in all socity in all community in all world every one want to win . if you are a strong , storn mean not powerful mean ur struggle , try try and more than you try , i think one day you got your success so marilia you have good answer . Only play with that peoples who not got hurts from you , only they got a postive lesson from u r winning . so keep it up . and other is music waoo i really love music and always listen and love that.
  7. how many time you have played this game and how your result . ?/ i have not play this before. its new one . but i thinnk not much interesting.
  8. oh really , you are really interesting and very cute answers like you , thanks for reply me . i am feeling happy that you reply me and i got one friend who join me . because i was waiting that when any friend ans me about this my question . but now i am feeling happy becoz i got it first one.
  9. hey every one : my question is to every one . you have any method for Learn or solving of algebra. Math Practice is important for learning Math but if you have some methods then share with me . because i have also knowldge about that . may be its help ful for everyone . because every person have different concept and way of solving. so what you say about that:
  10. hayden you like music , then what about your singing , you can sing also , ??? because i like to music too . but i have question you can sing??
  11. Basically math subject is very difficult for those people who not intreseted i think my math is good and always i have good marks from start to now. so i think u need to search more and more topic and read it try with practicle . ok keep it up not worry about that. i hope you will do it .
  12. The best IB student will also be a teacher! After teaching for 32 years, I strongly believe this to be true. Obviously and IB student is a … student. However, it is really important that time is spent sorting out the material that is presented to you. All the courses are linear and so, when you come to revise in the second year, students must have a decent grip of the work. And this means, you need to have sorted out a lot of the difficult problems when you met them, not in revision. Courses like Physics (especially HL) are tough.
  13. Can I just jump in here and say that you should keep your uni course in mind before taking Math Studies as some of them don't accept studies as a valid maths subject. Math SL would always be better methinks
  14. Wow... this is very helpful; I am currently working on Type I and it's due tomorrow >.>; And my teacher kept saying that she really can't explain anything and to just follow the instructions on the sheet >.> Thanks! please like share more and more question i will told u my topic then u share .........
  15. 1. What is your real name?Alice Lewis2. Where are you from? USA3. How did you find out about IB Survival? Google 4. What made you register on IB Survival? For learning 5. When did you (approximately) register here?Today6. What is your favourite IB subject? Math 7. When are you graduating?2011 8. What are your plans for university? I am continued my university 9. What are your free-time hobbies? singing and playing 10. If you could change one thing on IB Survival, what would it be?I dont idea about thatLearn | Practice Math
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