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  1. You should not give up, my friend got into MiT last year with 36 predicted! He did a lot of extra academic stuff though.
  2. Hi People! I just managed to drop and break my casio fx-9860GII, first year mock exams are coming up and i am in need for a cheap and good graphing calculator, i was wondering if casio fx-9750GII is good enough for SL math? If anyone in IB2 has been using it and can conclude that its good enough i would appreciate that a lot! In advance thanks!
  3. Sounds as a good plan! and like mentioned before you can always drop to SL and you will be fine.
  4. As a norwegian i would recommend you to think about HL math as it is way harder than the norwegian syllabus, but why not try, you can always drop to SL if you want to. I am thinking about economic studies as well and i think you will manage fine with SL math. When it comes to IB economcs the math is not very difficult, i would say it is very much about memorising. You subject combination looks very well balanced, a bit similar to mine actually. As a norwegian my experience with Norwegian Literature is great, i used to despise it in 11th grade, but now it is one of my favorite subjects and i'm
  5. Guys, thank you so much, i think you might have put me on the right track here! I really like your ideas!
  6. My favorite classes are economics and then global politics
  7. I was sort of thinking about the topic "how culture influences economic outcomes" as i am fairly interested in economics, but i will miss out the language part. So it may not be that relevant.
  8. I have my FOA in English language and Literature next week and i have a really hard time deciding my topic. So i was wondering what you guys think would make a great topic in the section Language and Culture? To get some inspiration
  9. I guess sleep is a very common problem for IB Diploma students
  10. Starting Price controls on monday (Chapter 5.4 in pearson book) HL-only class
  11. I see that your exams are in may 2016 which means you haven't started IB yet, but as i have understood when it comes to sciences you do a core the first year, and you won't choose the level before your second year of IB. So in your case you should check out what subject you like the best or need the most and then choose which subject you want to take in higher level Correct me if i'm wrong, it may also depend from school to school.
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