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  1. Every single piece of information that we acquire has some impact on how we will behave and react. Through acquiring information (description) the world is changed. How can you argue with this?? Trying to find counterpoints to my essay but I can't because its impossible to describe the world and not transform it.
  2. To what extent can lying be ethically justified? Rate out of 5 How can I improve it? How can we know if lying is ethical? <---- is this better?
  3. How about : "What differences are there between judging behaviour through emotion and judging behaviour through reason?" Or "How can we know what is more effective; judging behaviour through emotion or through reason?"
  4. yes a knowledge issue based around free will is what i am asking for help with. how does this sound? : How can we know the extent to which we are responsible for our actions?
  5. aight. by how suitable the topic would be do you mean the real life situation would be unsuitable? i was really just asking about if the real life situation had to be recent or not anyway.
  6. I am doing a presentation on free will. I want to discuss the extent that which the notion of free will can exist. would to what extent does free will exist be a good KI??
  7. well studies have been done to show that psychopathy can be genetically inherited to some extent anyway, it is unlucky that uday was born into that situation nonetheless. do you know the answer to my question in the OP?
  8. Does it have to be recent? I want to talk about the life of Uday Hussein who was obviously born as the son of Saddam Hussein and therefore was extremely likely to become psychopathic like his father which he did. I know it has to be substantive, I think this issue is still substantive because it is just one example of how luck plays a huge role in how the course of our life is predetermined. Which effects everyone. so would this be ok?
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