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  1. 1. Written task one due tomorrow (yikes) 2. EE Research 3. catch up on all the work I missed ( I caught a nasty sinus infection and haven't been at school)
  2. Hi I'm writing my first practice written task two and my teacher hasn't really given me much guidance and it's due next week!!!! How exactly do I go about formatting this task as well as how do I incorporate aspects of the text in it.... Studying: A streetcar named desire Question: Which social groups are marginalised, excluded or silenced within the text? I understand the question I just don't really know how I would answer it in an essay format...
  3. On weekdays I usually get between 8/9 hours sleep. It is more effective when it comes to studying and learning the next day. However, I do keep on top of CAS and work. It is important to put some social activities to one side when it comes to the IB. my plan is usually weekdays- go home or have CAS activity (sport etc) do all set homework if there is an assessment/project do a little bit at a time friday night- no work do something with friends saturday- full work day to do project, any incomplete homework from the past week sunday- half work day & relax ^ I'm in my first year and th
  4. Do you think that "how can art be a source of social change?" is a better question? I'm definitely making sure I go into counter-claims and I am exploring the different perspectives of the RLS itself.
  5. I was in the same situation as you except I was choosing between History and Theatre. Depending on your analytical skills, originality of your ideas and the level of commitment you are willing to put into the subject I'd choose theatre. Although there is no exam there are major pieces of work that go toward your final grade 1) a practical play proposal (this is based on a stimuli, you create devise a piece based on it) 2) TPPP (oral commentary) When it comes to time consuming, the only times you are 'busy' is when you have your major assessments. Keep in mind you do have to be a part of thre
  6. My practice presentation is due tomorrow (procrastination!!!) and I don't really know what to put in my presentation or what to discuss. My question is "Can art influence social change?" And I'm looking at the holocaust memorial in Berlin... other than talking about the memorial what do I talk about
  7. Im worried that I didn't write it correctly or it's not "strong" enough is it possible for anyone check my paper?
  8. I've started my first year of IBDP and I feel like I am already losing sleep!!!! It's nuts but what I do is I allocate my full saturdays to work and work only! it really helps to catch up on unfinished work from the previous week and helps me get a start on work that is due the following week.
  9. I am fully capable of writing a comparative analysis on two texts however how do I compare an image and a text??
  10. I'm writing a draft ToK essay for the first time I was wondering if there is a template I should follow and where can I find one?
  11. I am currently coming up with EE ideas and I am really interested in studying politics when I enter university however, I do not take politics at school I do HL Geography. Is there a way I can merge these two subjects together to form an EE title? and is this a safe decision?
  12. I'm writing up my written task one however, I wasn't given any clear guidance with the rationale for my piece. This is the first written task I've done. How do I write it? What do I include? Are there any specific pieces of information that I need to include? Thank you!
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