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  1. I got an A in Psychology it was a total nightmare though. I'm not even kidding. I wrote it with my sweat, tears and blood.
  2. Well, I am remarking my Biology HL because I have nothing to lose and without a 6 I'm screwed. I'm 3 marks off the higher grade tho. I guess if you have the resources then go for it. I'm pretty sure I can't go any lower and it's a disaster anyway so yeah.
  3. Does anyone remeber/have written down, etc the questions from TZ2 Paper 1? Because I walked out of the exam thinking that I did everything right and the results told a completely different story. I'm super confused right now and I don't know if it was some mistake with adding up my points or am I just stupid?
  4. ^ lol? I would like to join in on this matter... Are there any schools in the USA which accept IB students without them taking SAT? Or at least SAT Subject tests?
  5. My IB Coordinator told me that my remarks can take up to 6 weeks :< :<
  6. Is 3-2 marks from higher grade a lot?
  7. 4 mins for me :< I don't think it went well at all.
  8. Yes, you can use a book. "As long as it's a real life situation" my teacher said. I used a movie. But about your question... since we are talking ToK shouldn't the first hesitation be "Is there even a thing like truth?", "How do we decide what is true?", etc. I hope you get my point. Then, taking it further, if we say something doesn't it become "truth" in a way? Or else, what is a fact? What is common knowledge? What is knowledge and what is information? How do we know anything? What is intuition in all that? And I could go on forever. Overall, I personally wouldn't do your title as my pres
  9. I used Harvard, but - like with all the other IAs etc. in the IB - it does not matter as long it is consistent throughout the thing. Just google "referencing" or sth like that if you don't have any notes/textbooks where you can look this up.
  10. ^ I agree. Our teacher told us that it literally should not have anything specific in the title of the presentation. One of the reasons being that you have to discuss different cases and situation in your presentation. I guess you could tie your idea to a question like "How do we decide what is right and what is wrong?" or something similar.
  11. I thought of the second answer, but the one with him cooking her is too sick for me. Sorry.
  12. From my own research last year I'd say: UCL, King's College London, Imperial, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Warwick. There are probably many many more and I can't say for sure that "wow, those ones are amazing and I won't regret going there". But those are the ones I considered when applying. I didn't want to go to Oxbridge tho : ) Just personal preference. And originally I wanted to apply to Stanford and Princeton in the U.S., but I decided to leave it at the UK.
  13. Urban dictionary clearly loves me: korneliaKornelia originates from the Renaissance. It is Scandinavian, and symbolizes wealth and beauty. The name is rare, and is mostly used in the upper classes. The accurate definition of the word "Kornelia" is perfection. Only girls with a bright future will carry the name Kornelia with pride."This is amazing. It's so Kornelia". "That girl looks wealthy, smart and beautiful, she must be a Kornelia".
  14. I can tell you what my teacher told me: for SL 2 is enough, however, for HL you should have three. The way I did it in the introduction is that I used three studies that were done in the same or similar field, but I started with the one least similar to my experiment. Then I went on about the second study, that was more similar and then the last study that was pretty much the basis for my own experiment. I have not yet received an official mark for it, but my teacher gave me a 7 (:
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