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  1. Hello, I'm retaking the subject Biology HL in the next session May 2015, My first IB examination session was in May 2014. The Biology Syllabus has changed this year. so now, my question is, shall I study the new syallabus or the old one? My teachers could't help to find out, please I need an answer very very soon. Thanks in advance Mostafa
  2. You get new Pin and Password to review your retake grades. Please contact your IB Coordinator. Good luck
  3. Hey guys, So, my exams were in May 2014 and I did pass but my grade in Biology is 3. I only needed 2 more points to score a 4, therefore I paid the IBO to remark the exams and guess what? no change in grades!!! so I decided to retake the exam in the upcoming november exams 2014. My teacher and I were confused about my grade! Anyways, I want to ask you is it possible to get a 5-6 or maybe 7 in Biology if my IAs are 5 ? I also heard some rumours that the november session is much harder than the one in may, is it true? If so, would the IB change their grade boundaries? I wish you a warm eve
  4. 7 days will be over faster than you might think !! I have also some books to read, but I will propably not spent the summer reading:D!What exams do you still have? And which books are you going to read? Ah there's too many books, don't even get me started the main ones being the hunger games, mortal instruments, daughter of smoke and bone etc...I have Chemistry HL and Spanish ab initio left: Monday is chem p1&2, and Tuesday is chem p3, then Friday is spanish p1&2 and then it will all be over Seems like you have a plan what to do !Nah I just watched the movie (hunger games) this shou
  5. 7 days will be over faster than you might think !! I have also some books to read, but I will propably not spent the summer reading:D! What exams do you still have? And which books are you going to read?
  6. I just want to share my happiness Today was my final exam! It was German A Literatur HL paper 2!! THANKS for everyone who was too generous and offered me help in this forum! I hope you all also finsih your IB Exams soon and enjoy your holiday! Btw, what are you going to do after the exams afe over? I am flying to paris! *.* i also want to do some training before i begin my college !!
  7. paper 1 did not go very well. but i did good in paper 2 i guess
  8. Hi I am taking English A Language and Literature HL. In paper 2 we get 6 essay questions and we have to only answer 1 essay question in response based on at least 2 texts that I have studied. My question is, should both texts be the same genre? I have been revising Death Of a Salesman by Arthur Miller which is a drama and Chronicle of Death Foretold by Marquez which is then a novel. Should this be problematic? Thank you for the essay questions as well . Mostafa
  9. There is no need to thank guys, I am glad to help ! Whenever I summarize some topics, I will post it here. Don't worry, my only source is the IB Books! I am doing well in History, Biology and my two A languages, but Math SL is killing me ughh . I hope you are doing just fine . Best of Lucks Mostafa
  10. With one month left I would practice past exam papers. practice, practice and practice. I am History SL student though. I believe you have already all the information you need about each topic. So do not waste time on revising, instead of putting this information in a piece of work. Well... you know it! this is also considered as revising . Once you have finished all the past exams you have, then google some other samples and keep practicing. You will see that you are even faster when writing an essay...etc. Time constraints are the worst that could happen in an exam. Hope This help , I wish y
  11. Hey Guys, I am revising the 3rd topic "Authoritarian and Single Party States" and I thought about sharing with you my notes to Stalin's rise to power. At the end there is table where I have to compare each of the three factions (left, centre, right), though it is not completed yet. If there any errors please feel free to correct me. NOTE: All this information are my own notes from the IB Book for history "Authoritarian and Single Party States" not from websites or from anything else. Feel free to use it. I just want to help. __________________________________________________________________
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