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  1. Yea I agree, I ended up doing the CLOA extended response too. I did health psych and developmental psych options
  2. Personally I didn't really find the psych HL exams very hard this year. They just asked questions straight off the syllabus, so if you leant the syllabus you'll be fine
  3. Yep, I also agree, paper 1 was good, paper 2 was hard compared to other years and paper 3 was also good, but even paper 3 seemed a little more difficult than past papers.
  4. haha yeahh i think a=2 is right.....yeahh hopefully, i have high hopes the grade boundaries will be lower for this year's maths papers
  5. The base of the rectangle was 6-2x and the height was the function itself (I am not explaining why because I am assuming you correctly did the first part of the question based on what you said) The "second part" (certainly the question that was worth the most points I think) was giving the range of values "X" could take in order for the area of the rectangle to be increasing. You had to graph the function f(x)=base*height, which gave you a grade 3 function, clearly decreasing in a certain range. You just had to write the range of values for which the graph was decreasing did you get a=2 and b
  6. i got 23.1 but i found the length by subtracting the circumference of the semi-circle with diameter 13.3 from the circumference of the whole circle with radius 7.
  7. i definitely agree, i got enough sleep throughout the two years as well, never seemed to find getting enough sleep a problem. organization is the key to success in IB because the content is really not that difficult, there's just alot to get done in little time, n if u can manage that then youll be fine.
  8. How did everyone find the psychology HL papers this year?
  9. the discriminant only equals zero when the function has a repeated or double root. discriminant is >0 if there are two distinct real roots and discriminant <0 if there are no real roots.
  10. doing heaps and heaps of internals is probably the worst part of ib....i'd rather study for exams
  11. The discriminant of the function had to be = 0. I got that it could be any number except +2. It was something like (k-2)(k-2)=0 no, the discriminant had be >0, because the function has two distinct real roots.....so the answer is k>2
  12. i got r=-2/3 and s=-27/5 as well
  13. for Q.8 in section B of paper 2, for the last part, did anyone find the length of the arc by calculating the circumference of the whole circle than taking away the circumference of the semi- circle with diameter 13.3 from it?.......thats what i did, have no idea if its correct
  14. yeahh i did that question, this is what i done not 100 % sure if its correct though......for part (a) the answer was 6-2x for part (b) which was finding an expression for the area of the rectangle..since op=x, the height of the triangle would be x substituted into the actual function......so the height of the rectangle is the actual function of the semi circle and the base is 6-2x
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