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  1. First off, call the university admissions department and explain your situation, if there are any reasons why you didn't do as well as expected then state them, also maybe say that you already payed the fees. The advantage is that they'll reply straight away, you might not even have to retake If they refuse and you don't have any other university offers, then look at remarking. You should definitely call your IB coordinator (the one at the school you took your exams at) and talk to them about remarking. They now have the grades broken down by subject, they will know what grade you got in IAs
  2. When you used extra answer booklets, did you write that you continued the answer in a separate booklet in the original answer space? If you didn't they might have missed the extra sheets.
  3. Biology HL: 7 Chemistry HL: 7 French A L&L HL: 7 English A L&L: 7 Maths SL: 6 Soc Anth SL: 6 Biology EE: C (I was predicted an A...) TOK: A 42 points
  4. Get yourself the Oxford IB Biology Study Guide by Andrew Allott, it has everything on the syllabus and explains really clearly. Make sure it's for your syllabus though, the Group 4 subjects are getting new syllabuses for exams May 2016 and onwards.
  5. You're allowed to write an EE in a subject you don't take so an SL subject is fine, as long as you're interested in what you're writing about
  6. I did option E as well and the calculation annoyed me so much! I did past papers from last year to 2010 and every single Ksp calculation was the same, then we get that! The remembering equations wasn't great either.
  7. I don't think the Pearson one is worth it for Biology, I used the Oxford revision guide and this website http://www.ib.bioninja.com.au/ib-home/ (also an app) - it has all the syllabus points for SL and HL (Despite the name, it's not my website or my app!)
  8. Richard Thornley is a god among men. I just wish he had videos for option E!
  9. Most of the marks are actually method marks (there's usually only 1 mark for the answer itself) so if your working was correct then you should get some marks
  10. I wrote about all 3 because they're all listed as experiments in the syllabus and there wasn't really enough on animal experimentation for 6 marks yeah I didn't really know what to say and as far as I remember I said that the human milk is better because more fat is absorbed but I've no idea if that's the correct answer I think I wrote something similar, I talked about the babies needing more bile salts to digest cow's milk but it was still less efficient than human milk.
  11. I did E and H, did anyone else find the data analysis for H really weird? I didn't get what they wanted me to say in the last question about analysing the effect of the different types of milk on the baby. The rest was fine though.
  12. Scroll up - we can't discuss exams till 24hours after and only in the Exam Discussion section
  13. I counted 3 but you can never be sure with the stupid micrographs...
  14. The exam paper is not considered an answer booklet so you're fine I did the same thing, check with your Exams Officer/IB Coordinator but it shouldn't be a huge problem, they should be able to fix it:)
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