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  1. Geometric sequences and logarithmic functions in binary codes My teacher was very anal about the real-life applications so I had to bs my way through and connect my topic to paying your loans back
  2. So something like "to what extent does propaganda in social media (or whereever youre talking about) shape the way people perceive the world around them?" Then you can include stereotypes, both positive and negative, and you can use case studies to broaden your perspective. For example the usage of propaganda by the USSR during the Cold War when majority of Soviet people were sure that USA is failing and Amercans are suffering. You can try to define propaganda and look at the propaganda in your home country ,perhaps find some examples there?
  3. I did not have a separate rationale, it was a part of my introduction but I pretty much talked about the AIM of my IA, the METHOD used to explore the topic, WHY I have chosen the topic and how the topic and my findings can be used in real life.
  4. You have to connect your question to real life situations. Thats the whole TOK The knowledge issue sounds good, except that maybe instead of whether "it is needed" i would put " how essential is the assumption of basic truth in creating a system of mathematics that is reliable?" cause otherwise you will end up answering either "yes" or "no" while TOK moderators and teachers are expecting more answers like "to what extent" Hope this was helpful (:
  5. Female, 17 1st trial: 72 2nd: 76 3rd: 71 4th: 69 5th: 72 After 5 min jog: 98
  6. I feel that in the IB you gotta be really careful cause you don't want to lose marks simply because the moderator does not like your creative title? So I would recommend sticking to a "straight forward" title, like "Comparative analysis of the manipulative language use in 1948 and the Handmaid's Tale" Also just a thumbs up to your EE topic, it sounds really interesting! (:
  7. We are studying the same topics except for the emperial Russia- we are studying Europe 1871-1914. And we are using the random books by Flagship History, which I find a bit confusing. I have been to the school library where they offer Pearson Baccalaureate books, which are really useful, however they are only for SLs. I will check out the Cambridge and OSC books, Thank you!
  8. Hello everybody! I was wondering if anyone of you could suggest any good revision books for history hl options. Is there any specific book that has all the options? Is "IB prepared" a good one? Cause its never too early to start revising for finals
  9. According to the internet: "Marxist theories of migration examine the relocation of people from one region or country to another in response to the economic forces at play in a specific historical context. These theories are based on historical materialism, a method of inquiry developed by Karl Marx in his early work and applied rigorously to a wide array of economic and political issues." I don't know which subject this is for and cant provide any more help. When I searched on google it also gave me this doc https://www.google.fi/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=3&am
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