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  1. I did the oil question, the paper was okay
  2. We do have a choice of 3 questions, so hoping for the best
  3. I wrote learned behavior for the one on why ants went back home
  4. is superannuation like compound interest going to come?
  5. is superannuation for compound interest going to come?
  6. i said it was the RER itself, now you're making me doubt my answer It's most definitely rER because the source of the picture was /RoughER.gif It was golgi. The organelle was near a mitochondria, not near the nucleus. That's why it was so deceptive. Ribosomes were embedded on its surface. I found electron microscope images like this with rER located just next to mitochondria so it doesn't matter really if it's near nucleus or not. lol, link doesn't work. anyhow, here's a golgi body with dots on it: https://www.biochem.wisc.edu/faculty/bednarek/lab/images/mvb_golgi250.jpg plus, i don't think
  7. Haha I wrote rough ER too as it said so in the source underneath the picture, also I thought I saw some dots on it, but apparently most of the other students in my class wrote golgi, which seems to be correct. At least my teacher indicated that the golgi was the right answer, as the best student in my class chose to label it golgi. i wrote RER! it was hard to tell, they should have given the whole cell or something
  8. the nitrogen cycle confused me!
  9. Oh wow thats a really good idea! thanks
  10. I was wondering which topics are 8 marker ones that most probably will come in the Paper 2 essays. For instance, respiration, photosynthesis, DNA replication, transcription, translation...
  11. I don't understand stuff in 11.2 Muscles and movement. Its so hard to memorise, is there an easy way to memorise it? Btw thank you so much for making this forum, we need it!
  12. Although this is a human error, may be the fact that you had to clean the equipment and then reuse it may have left some residue of the previous experiment and this could have hence influenced the later experiments.
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