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  1. When you first start failing a test feels like the worst thing in the world. I remember getting a 30% of something for paper 3 bio HL and I bawled my eyes out for ages afterwards. But after you finish releasing those emotions (try crying it all out, or go running, punch some pillows, etc.) re-focus and give yourself goals. It takes hard work to improve on those subjects and you really have to persevere with keeping up to date with writing notes, memorising them, doing your homework.....etc. PLUS essays are also super subjective so find out what the IB and your teacher want in terms of the cr
  2. Maths HL because I died and went to heaven by dropping to maths sl HAHA Chem HL was also pretty hard for me too!!
  3. I didn't have any tutors lol -they were hard to find (you see IB isn't a very popular option here) and I was (and still am) quite lazy to make an effort to find one -I was also obstinate and thought that no one could help me with memorising my notes and writing notes that I felt could help me scrape through my subjects But it does go to show that you can still do quite well in the IB without tutors! (I managed with a 43)
  4. We were able to receive our results early from our IB coordinators good luck
  5. 43!! when I saw it I was like......wth really? no way! haha GOOD JOB everyone! WE SURVIVED.
  6. YES! I was in a similar position as you just a few months ago. I was just so overwhelmed with all the notes I had to memorise and concepts I had to understand. It's o.k. seriously, you have to believe in yourself (corny-factor alert, yes I know, I'm sorry) I used the chem textbook by lana derry et al along with the oxford chemistry study guide and I went through that textbook over 6 times during these past 2 years. Do those past papers! I can't emphasise enough how much they help you, especially after completing them, you want to have that time to understand why you didn't get those marks and
  7. I made it through the IB with no tutor!!! I'm so proud of myself for trying (or rather struggling) as a fully self-sufficient, independent learner haha (no seriously, I really did struggle, I remember getting 4s and 5s for Chemistry hl and bio hl....) But as for having no tutor being a good choice? Hmmm, we'll just have to wait until I find out my results in January.
  8. Hi! I also, unfortunately only started around 3 weeks prior to exams. That of course is a bit too late, my revision was frantic, hectic and crazed. But if you have no choice.....you gotta do what you gotta do. I would recommend starting 2 months earlier, and it doesn't even have to be hard-core practising on past papers during that time, you can just spend a few hours every week two months before-hand, reading your notes, memorising and understanding the things you need to understand Good luck!
  9. This is just my little tip, may or may not be your style: Try keeping a little journal-type thing consisting of a list of really nice words. And how will you find this words? Read critical essays of works as well as wider-reading from literature that is not within the course, highlight those juicy words and find a definition for them. The more you understand them, the easier and more natural it is to weave them into your essays, commentaries and orals You feel proud of yourself afterwards. But of course, keep it subtle, after all, you don't want to sound like an ostentatious walking dictionar
  10. This is amazing. Maybe I procrastinate too much? During school I usually slept at around 1 am, 12 if I was reeeally lucky.... school finish- 3:32 pm Get home and snack- 4:00 pm Crash onto the bed and power nap- 4:30 pm Start studying- 5:00 pm Dinner- 7:00 pm Study again- 8:00 Sleep- between 12 and 1 I used to stare at my planner and think........wow.........I just wasted a lot of time....doing nothing LOL
  11. Yes! omg, there were some confusing ones with paper 1 that were tricky! paper 2 was alright, however I felt section B mixed together some of the more challenging topics. Paper 3 was o.k. and I just hope I get enough marks for that 6 mark cladistics question :/
  12. Biology all the way. I'm doing biology and chemistry at HL, and biology is so much more manageable. Why? Well there's only simple calculations, you can scrape through by memorising things, some of the knowledge is common sense more than anything and a section of the exams are analysing graphs. They also repeat some of the questions in section B every now and then. Basically, if you have a choice, I would strongly recommend biology at hl
  13. Let's nut this out shall we: Biology vs. Spanish Biology EEs as well as the other experimental sciences are difficult in terms of EEs due to lack in experience in writing ib lab reports during your first year in the ib, ethical problems associated with what you can experiment on, and high expectations from examiners. Those EEs that have been given an A in recent years are of an incredibly high standard, so, it may be risky. Spanish, assuming it's your second language and you not only like it but are good at it, is a better choice in my opinion. However, if you consider medicine as your be al
  14. It might help you to know that there are probably a lot of people out their that are in the same boat as you! I'm less than a month away from the final exams and my most recent mock in chem hl was a 4...... I guess this is motivation for me to work even more on chem, do more of those past papers and do extra reading apart from my normal textbook. I know that feeling of studying really hard, thinking that you know what you're doing, getting those marks backs and then feeling deflated over them. I think a part of dealing with my low mark is to accept the sad fact that chem is definitely not m
  15. No problem! Quick and easy And I never knew you could make surveys on google
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