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  1. I did not like paper 2. I felt the questions in section B were difficulout to answer as most were on cells and chemistry of life. Disappointed by the lack of plant science and human health
  2. Manchuria was the last notes I read before leaving home for the exam so I was pretty happy about that. Paper 2 was lovely and I did the internal opposition in a single party state about hitler and the end of the Cold War question
  3. I guess it all depends what you revise and what are your strong points. I loved the greenhouse effect questions in paper 2 because I revised that a lot. Good luck for the rest of your exams
  4. Seriously just hoping I can scrape a 5 for physics, hopefully I did well enough in the exam to get it :/ paper 3 will probably bring my grade down though because its always my weak point
  5. Maybe you did better than you thought! and I'm sure Option A will make up for it! Thank you just glad it's all over now
  6. I did option a and b. found option a good but option b was a bit odd and I think I got about 4 marks :/
  7. It's okay I messed up the quantum and nuclear option too :/
  8. Yeah probably up, I struggle with physics a lot and found a lot of it to be doable. Sucks though I need all the help I can get :/ when are we allowed to talk about paper 3?
  9. I chose number 6 too. The collision was in elastic. I quite liked paper 2 compared to some of the past papers I had done
  10. How did everyone find standard level physics paper 1 and 2? It's been 24 hours since then I think
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