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  1. Thanks! But there's one more thing that I have not mentioned, I would have to come back and then continue my IB (second year) to receive the certificates. I don't know if that was clear from my previous post. So do you still think I should go? ))) Ooh so do you mean you're going to do an extra year? Then why not the diploma? It should be fine, as long as you don't mind that, but then, not minding is hard, especially when all your friends graduate and go to university. If that's the case, I really can't offer any advice than "do what you'd like to do", as I've also been pondering over a simil
  2. They were wrong about me. They thought I was from the US
  3. Thanks! But there's one more thing that I have not mentioned, I would have to come back and then continue my IB (second year) to receive the certificates. I don't know if that was clear from my previous post. So do you still think I should go? )))
  4. Hi guys! I am in a crisis here. SO basically I have been offered an opportunity to go to South Dakota (SD) as an exchange student for one year, I won a contest so everything is paid for. The big problem is that when I come back I won't be eligible to do the second year of IB as a diplomat candidate, I will be able to acquire the certificates. Do you think I will be eligible for scholarships in the US as a student with certificate? Do you think going is worth it? I really want to go but my parents hate the idea because they think that with the certificates I will have no future What would you
  5. Ana, Hi! I am not very familiar with your topic, but in every Psychology IA you should start with a general introduction on the topic. Hope this helps:))) Good luck on you IA!
  6. Who do you know? Because I'm actually part of EYP Switzerland, and I know most of them too Heyy:)) I know Hannah, Lorenzo, Alex, Mattieu, Cecile and Jianan. Familiar with any of the names? :)
  7. So much fun! We were staying at a resrot near the lake and every night some people would illegally swim, and then we had a party at this awesome club with the view on the whole city. and GA was actually good and I got to speak on the behalf of the Georgian delegation at the opening ceremony. I can imagine that Amsterdam was a lot of fun? an Zurich? I am so glad that IB kids are participating in EYP
  8. Which IS have you been to? I've been to Amsterdam and Zurich. I I have been to Tbilisi 74th IS, and I am going to Barcelona . Hey I know some people from Zurich IS, mainly the organizers of the IS )
  9. Hey I am also interested. I am from Georgia, I'll send you my name if that's ok?))
  10. Maybe you could specify what type of media you are referring to? From personal experience I can tell you that too much switching won't do any good. Pick one thing you are sure about and then stick to it. Here's my question for IA To what extent was Wallis Simpson's reputation the most important factor leading to the abdication Edward VIII in 1936? In my opinion its good because of its specificity which doesn't limit me. If you want to continue working with Vietnam War maybe you could come up with something that has a more direct cause and effect relationship? Hope this helps!
  11. I am not sure about compare and contrast. I think the best way is to investigate the cause and effect relationship in History IA. Remember that your question needs to be narrow. Unfortunately I do not have deep knowledge of the topics you have provided, but I can tell you that probably it will be better to come up with a more specific topic/question for each option, from there it will be easier to eliminate. You have to remember that you are limited in the word count. I personally would choose the Vietnam War and Code Orange because it is the easiest one to come up with a cause and effect rel
  12. I am doing IB and I am in EYP!!! I am so glad that you guys are also fellow EYPers. EYP is my life! I have been to an international session, and I am going to another one this summer (Barcelona). EYP is so much more that just European Youth Parliament it's a way of life. Trust me if you have an upportunity to go to IS do not miss the chance! It;s going to be the best thing in your life. EYP is more than debating, its more than just solving problems. Trust me on this I have been to eight EYP sessions as a delegate and as an official. God, I got so excited when I saw this discussion on the home
  13. Hey guys here's a helpful link with explanation+ some samples hope it helps:))) I am using it right now http://ibpsychrevision.blogspot.com/p/internal-assessment.html Good luck!
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