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  1. Sorry last question; about the equation 2KNO3+10Na-->K2O+N2 The question is why is it necessary for sodium to be removed by this reaction in the making of airbags? Is it because it would react with Oxygen and potassium?
  2. Okay I got it. I didn't understand the question for the first one. Thanks so much! By the way, there is another question studying the reaction 2NaN3-->2Na+3N2 and we have 0.0650 (m) /kg of NaN3 for a temperature of 25.00°C and a pressure of 1.08 atm. I calculated the amount NaN3 in mol (4.2263) and they ask me to determine the volume of nitrogen gas in dm3 produced by the reaction (in these conditions). So I used a percentage method but I don't know if it's correct. 2NaN3-->2Na+3N2 100%-->20%+60% (4.2263*24(dm3/mol))=> 101.4312=20%+60% So 60% of this is (101.4312*60)/100=60.85872
  3. And also there's another question that bothers me: "state and explain the H-C-H bond angle in ethene and the H-N-H bond angle in hydrazine." How can you know the angle of these two without looking it up? Thanks again
  4. Hi guys! I have a homework to give in and I'm stuck on this question: Describe the bonding in iron and explain the electrical conductivity and malleability of the metal. I'm confused and don't understand what they mean by 'bonding in iron'... the way it takes electrons to complete their shell? the angle of bond? I'm very confused... Could you help me? Thanks very much! Note: I'm taking chem SL
  5. I didn't know half of these... God I feel so old... I miss playing pokemon on my grey gameboy... Catch Them All'! Good luck
  6. Maybe you should also talk about all the museums, the days dedicated to the Holocaust, and how the Holocaust is still taught at school (for eg we are taught about the Holocaust in 9th grade at least in France and we study it in depth for the BAC). But be sure to find more and more detailed argument. To me for example, we don't talk about the Holocaust enough, and though media and most government are trying to make efforts to remember but it's not enough anymore. I feel like people are starting to forget. This is of course my opinion. But yeah, the Holocaust is a broad subject so you have to
  7. Of course you need to support your argument and build your essay cause this topic is very important and you should approach it from many angles. But I'm sure you'll make a good job if you look for good sources and work on it Anyway what I wanted to give you is the link to a short film I made about Auschwitz. It's 30min. it's not professional but people tell me it's all right. You could maybe use that as one of your sources! http://vimeo.com/62593724 Hope it helps! Good luck
  8. Hi there! I'm doing language and the Internet as a ToK presentation and I need some words/expressions that you use on the Internet or words/expressions that come form Internet and that you use in "real life". Even one word would be great! Thanks a lot!
  9. Oh okay i didn't understand what went where for the digits i was given! Thank you so much! Best, Caliefleu
  10. A sample of hydrogen contains some fair quantity of 3H in addition to the 2 stable isotopes 1H and 2H. ii) on the non-normalized scale, the mass spectrum of this hydrogen shows three peaks which in order of increased mass have absolute intensities 47.6 - 0.50 - 1.67 Draw the appearance of this mass spectrum What are the relative abundances of the isotopes? iii) what would be the relative atomic mass of the above sample? Thanks
  11. Hello everyone, I am stuck on this exercise... I don't get how to answer ii) and iii) as we are just given this information.. Could anyone help me? Thanks a lot
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