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  1. I did my IB art exam in Denmark as well. I had nude drawings in my exhibition and no one said a word about it..
  2. Follow this thread! http://www.ibsurvival.com/topic/35222-november-retake-exams-from-sweden/#entry245586
  3. I've actually heard that Per Brahegymnasiet in Jönköping, Sweden offers November retakes. Not 100% sure though :/ Let me know if they do! There's also a school outside of London called Haileybury that offer November retakes in case the one in Sweden doesn't work out!
  4. Jemima

    History paper 3.

    Yes but it's not recommended
  5. You'd probably find out on results day and then you can contact the IB and sort out the issue. A girl was guilty of malpractice for her TOK essay at my school last year. She found out that she wasn't awarded her diploma in July, as she forgot to quote one of her references or something. She talked to the IB and they said that they would let her pass if she wrote an entirely new TOK essay.
  6. Does anyone know of a school in the northern hemisphere (preferably europe) that offers November examinations???!?!?!?
  7. Thank you so much for your offer, but someone already sent me some past papers :)
  8. Chemistry SL, History HL and Math Studies!
  9. Hey guys, Does anyone have access to the xtremepapers website? It seems kind of odd, that it happens to be inaccessible during the exam period...
  10. Oh ok, thanks for the answer!
  11. I switched schools this year and it has a been a real struggle to keep up in IB2, especially in terms of catching up on things they did last year in my OWN time. But the extreme hardships have been worth it for me, since I'm happier here.
  12. Hey folks, Just a quick question here. Do they send everyone's IAs to the IB or is it only a select few from the class??
  13. I mean look at me...my final IB art exam is tomorrow and I'm not even done setting up my exhibition. I don't even have enough pages or studio works..or a candidate statement. So it's looking like an all-nighter for me...my third all-nighter this week and most definitely not the last. We're all stressed and going insane!!! I feel you 100%
  14. Suicide will not solve your problems! IB is a bitch and we're all struggling in our own ways. Keep calm and take it easy. This is not the end for you! The world is so full of possibilities and opportunities and life brings surprises all the time Do your best when you're studying for your exams..you still have 2 months. After you've done your best you can apply for universities next year (or after summer?)...maybe take a gap year to relax and explore life? And the fact that you're good with art is amazing. Do you know how many "proper jobs" you can get with good artistic skills? Be more open-m
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