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  1. I got a 32 by taking many online practice tests and almost never looking at the prep books. It's more of a test on timing then it is on intelligence.
  2. I used to be bullied in elementary school all the time, then in high school I was the weirdo freshman year; frankly, I started getting respected a lot afterwards. I'm now a senior, getting invited to different parties (sophomores, juniors, seniors - everyone's) and usually if I say something like stop arguing, friends listen. I think what changed is the confidence and sort of leadership. If you're a nerd like me (the hard-working, smart type - not the socially awkward type), then don't think you're separated. Be nice to girls and let other guys know your not socially awkward, participate in di
  3. You're not really giving us a lot of information, brethren (never thought i'd use that word!). Give us some more of your classes, but the most general stuff you need to be capable of in IB is time management (although we all procrastinate), work ethics, and keeping up with all the work. It really piles up on you when every teacher decides to give homework; if you know you're ready for it, don't let a teacher discourage you! Even if not, give it a try and you can drop down it if becomes too heavy.
  4. Yes all I can say is that is was the Math Studies exam. Im extremely unhappy that my school doesn't offer any other math's, as I pretty much learned calculus by myself and have become fluent in a couple programming languages. Math was always the easy thing for me, but unfortunately my school doesn't offer anything but Math Studies (which is why it was easy to construct a proof being that it is Math Studies, i've been getting 7's on all Mocks)
  5. I'm not discussing any material, nor am I saying which math exam I took (although it wouldn't be that hard to figure out i suppose). However, i've encountered a problem today: I found an error in the exam question. I'm not planning to disclose any information about the question, error, exam, etc., but I would like to know if anybody has ever been in my situation before and what was done. I'm 100% sure of it, I even laid out a proof for it (hopefully i managed to answer with the correct answer according to them). Has the IB ever contradicted themselves in a math question? e.g. Specified a condi
  6. Thanks for the replies guys! Definitely going to try asking the CAS moderator whether i can include the hours before getting paid Thanks!
  7. Hello IB Survival, I am a Junior in IB, and i'm currently working on a game for the iOS devices. Im using objective-c in XCODE to make the game, pure apple code from pure scratch. Its a new skill that i learned, and im working collaboratively with a friend. I can definitely reflect many hours on this project, and making it fit into CAS is no problem. HOWEVER, after working so hard on the game and realizing its potential, me and my partner decided to make the game have advertisements, for which we would receive payment depending on user impressions. I couldn't find a definite answer online, no
  8. No social life is definitely one!! Im working on my math IA right now -sigh-
  9. I think the few biggest problems are that some schools have it better than others, and the fact that WE GET NO SLEEP. Sometimes, procrastination gets the best of me. What do you guys think is the worst part about being an IB student?
  10. Hey guys! I need help... For the Math Studies IA in criteria C it says that you need to show at least one calculation of each simple and further process BY HAND. I did the further process (correlation) by hand, but i have 80 samples and showing how to do average and standard deviation for the 80 samples would take up a whole excel page. Do i have to show it? How does it work? Maybe i misunderstood the criteria, please help!
  11. Which math class? Math SL? Math HL? Math Studies?
  12. Hey, I want to write my EE on CS as well. Since the only CS class my school is offering is ITGS, i have to tie my EE on an ethical problem. I think I will be writing my essay on the strength of different WiFi securities, more specifically between WPA and WEP. The topic is broad because WiFi is used everywhere, yet narrowed down to only security and only 2 different WiFi encryptions. The ethical problem in mine is the fact that WEP is getting too easy to hack, and WPA has it's flaws as well. I could tie my essay both with my own experiments (aircrack-ng on Kali Linux) and outside knowledge. The
  13. Hey, I'm almost sure that your EE has to be on a class that you took in school, that was the problem with me until they started offering ITGS this year. I sent you a message about my teacher, check it out!
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