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  1. Physicist

    The Oxbridge Guide

    When you say I'll be fine, do you then mean they will take it into consideration or that there is no weakness in my application? I have heard that Physics HL corresponds to the Mechanics modules; is this true? And, is it enough to tell them I have self-studied the mechanics modules and the parts of A-level further maths which is not covered by IB Math HL?
  2. Physicist

    The Oxbridge Guide

    Hello, I'm studying 1st year IB in Denmark and I intend to apply to Oxford Physics after the summer holidays this year. I have Math HL, Physics HL and Chemistry HL, and expect to be predicted 7 in all three of them and 42+ overall. However, I do not have the possibility of taking Mechanics modules or 'Further Mathematics' (since it is IB, and my school does not offer Further Mathematics IB). On the Oxford webpage it says that "the inclusion of a mechanics module would also be highly recommended." They also point out that further maths can be helpful. Will not having these subjects place me at
  3. What subject has most workload? Is it easier to score 7 in geo than history ?
  4. Both teachers are good. I just want the subject with least work and easiest to score a 7 in.
  5. Unfortunately my school does not offer econ. I enjoy history, but I LOVE physics. I want to spend as much time on it as possible. Thanks for your answer; I think I will change to geo. Is it true that it is nearly impossible to score 7 in history?
  6. Hey I am three months into IB1 and considering whether to change history SL to geo SL. My higher level subjects are Math HL Physics HL Chemistry HL I want to focus more on the sciences as I intend to study physics at uni. Would you recommend me changing to geo? I've heard it is almost impossible to get a 7 in history... Is it easier to score a 7 in geo SL? Also, what about the difference in work load and essays...? In general, what subject do you find easiest? And please don't answer that I should stick with what I enjoy, because I don't like either of them. Any help would be appreciated!
  7. Any other opinions?
  8. Why do you think so? Is there less work in history than in geo? Is it easier to achieve a high grade (7 in particular?).
  9. Hey... I'm three months into IB1 now with physics HL, maths HL, chemistry HL, danish A SL, English B HL and history SL. However I've been thinking about whether to change history SL to geo SL. I intend to study physics at Oxbridge. Please don't write that I should go for the one I'm most interested in; they're equal to me. Since I need a lot of time for my three science HL, I want to spend as little time as possible and take the easiest one (and the easiest one to get a high grade in; preferably 7). So what do you think I should take? Btw, are they equally recognized by universities (or don't
  10. Ok thank you. So application wise Oxford will look at me completely neutrally compared to A-level students, subject wise?
  11. Hey guys I'm studying IB (year 1) now in Denmark. I am considering to apply to Oxford physics (Merton College) next year, and my higher level subjects are Math HL, Physics HL, Chemistry HL. It says that A-level Further maths would be good; but IB's can't take this? And my school doesn't offer (IB FM HL, which according to my teacher only 70 people take in the world). Would I be at a disadvantage for physics simply because I do not have the possibility of studying FM? What if I make up for the relevant parts of the syllabus that is not covered in Math HL? Besides, I study physics RATHER intense
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