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  1. Thanks a lot for the sample IA, I checked it out and it looks good! However, I decided to focus more on the Fibonacci sequence as I can directly relate it to the syllabus and such. Also, I'm really worried because I know it's an exploration, not only a research so I have to largely put in my own work. Would you think that it's okay to take certain formulas from the internet and just apply them to certain real-life situations (which could also help me in terms of my personal engagement)? Thanks again.
  2. I have already spoken about it on my IA though hahaha but thanks anyways! The issue is I need to apply it to a REAL-LIFE aspect and not just in a hypothetical manner.. Thanks for the idea, I will definitely consider it! However, how do you think I can relate this to the SL Math syllabus? I already deduced an equation for the Fibonacci Sequence based on sequences and series but so far, that's the only thing I can get so far! I am sooooo stuck with this, I'd really appreciate anybody else trying to help. >_<
  3. Hey guys, I have a Math IA due on Sunday December 15, which is about 9 days from now. I want to do my topic on the golden ratio because firstly, I'm genuinely interested in it, and secondly, it's extremely risky to change topics at such a late stage. I know some of you will scold me for procrastinating on it but believe me I've legitimately been working on it. However, I'm having trouble finding an original idea based on the golden ratio. I did an introduction where I introduced it and such but I'm having trouble with how to proceed. I know it's supposed to be an exploration on a real-life th
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