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  1. Thank you! I'll talk to the advisor
  2. I am applying to UCAS soon, am I right to think that there is nowhere to add in extracurriculars? Apart from the statement of course There are some activities that I would like to mention but won't fit in my statement... Thanks for any help!!
  3. I don't take chem, but in Bio everything we need to know is the syllabus and what is written on there, but make sure you understand it in detail, and if that means you need extra research then do that hope this helped!!
  4. There are a few... looking at you, smiling, laughing at your jokes even if they're not that funny, touching your arm casually, and acting a little shy are the ones I can think of Hope this helps!
  5. Absolutely!! All you can do is try your best and just know that you can do it and this girl would be lucky to go to prom with you!
  6. Muscles and stuff like that can be good not only for girls thinking you're more attractive (which may or may not be the case) but can also help you feel healthier and just help with confidence From this thread you seem a little nervous and shy, so thinking in your head that you're in shape can help make it easier to approach this girl you like
  7. The right kind of girl won't care about that, myself included. At my school our class is so small we don't have popularity or anything like that, and I think if you can show this girl your personality that's all that matters But I also get that this doesn't answer your question, so I think the most attractive things in a guy are eyes and arms, but that's just me We've always loved the guys who are funny too, so if you can make jokes around her I'm sure it can't hurt!
  8. There will be a ton of information online, maybe look into Union College or something like that I'm no expert, so I would look up liberal arts colleges east coast in google and then look through their requirements and stuff If your SAT score is a problem, you can always retake it, the online prep courses and books are awesome!
  9. Then I would check out liberal arts colleges definitely US universities will care more about SAT scored and college essay than IB scores anyway! There are a lot in NY/MA area, you can find a ton of info online to compare them! Hope I helped
  10. Sometimes I feel like my subjects are self taught because the teachers just talk at us all lesson and don't actually teach much... not all the time, my English Lit HL teacher is good, as well as TOK and Film HL, but for Biology SL and History SL I have to do my own notes at home! It's not a big deal but would be helpful if they would go through the syllabus
  11. Hope I helped!! Your IA topic sounds really interesting!
  12. Since the EE only counts for bonus points, it shouldn't be very important to them. US universities take the SAT/ACT into account much more than IB scores in general. Don't worry about it, I doubt it will have any impact! Do you know approximately what you are predicted? I took the ACT and US universities care about that much more anyway! You can relax
  13. What do you want to study? If it were me I would look into more liberal arts colleges. Do you have a preference as to a region in the US? East, west? Hope I helped/can help more!!
  14. I don't think it's too broad, it just depends whether you want to compare Nelson Mandela to other important figures or simply discuss Mandela's importance. Which is your intention?
  15. Hi! I am a DP2 film student, and I know the film list for the presentations will be released soon... does anyone know exactly when? Thanks!
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