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  1. I don't think bullet points is the right way to go about it. It says analyse so I believe some explaining is required. Examples too, would show that you know what you're talking about. Probably not completely like an economics answer, but brief definitions and some forms of primary and secondary research. and then their functions and pros & cons. I don't think an analyse question would be worth very, very many marks. It's the evaluate/discuss questions that are worth more, from what i know. dude, ansoff matrix and driving forces? i don't think you have this right (or maybe i don't let m
  2. Heyylooooo there, fellow IB survivors! Well I sort of need help in understanding how to answer the business and management paper 1 and 2. The thing is, my teacher hasn't gone through and discussed the format of the answer so I'm a little confused as she mentioned some things which utterly confused me today. Before this post, I used to answer my questions like how I would in an economics exam (i.e explain the terms in the question and provide background information for it and then get to the topic) but I saw the markschemes of papers and it really doesn't look like they want people to define e
  3. Heyyy guys, I don't think time difference would be a problem because I sleep like 3 hours a day and I'm doing math for the rest of the day and night... So if you guys want we can set something up!
  4. Hey there, IB survivors! 4 days to go for math and I'll be doing math all day and all night long! If anyone needs a study partner feel free to contact me and we can set something up on skype or such and solve past papers and solve other questions and work on each others weaknesses! Looking forward to working together with you, survivors! -Amar
  5. If you want to go into a field like aeronautical engineering, take HL math, HL physics, and HL chemistry. These will help you, young Padawan, take my advice. P.s: The DP course is so beautifully designed that it teaches you everything from the scratch so you wouldn't have a problem with the learning part as long as you're motivated and interested in the area of study.
  6. Hey there, fellow IB survivor! Well, I did my extended essay in the microeconomics section and I found it to be fairly simple. My research question was "Is the Law Garden Handicrafts market an example of monopolistic competitive market structure?" Market structures is a fairly simple topic to cover and there's a lot that you can do with the area and this would also probably get you an A or B. However, like any other EE topic, you would need to work a little bit and devote some time for research because the stronger your research is, the stronger your essay will be. The first thing I would tel
  7. That was exactly the theory that I was looking for! I had read about that theory in my junior years but I didn't know the name! Thanks a lot, fellow IB survivor!
  8. Hey there, fellow IB survivors! I need help for my math IA topic and suggestions for what to do with it. Well, getting right to it... My math exploration topic is about prime numbers and I'll be exploring them in depth to find how many prime numbers are there To start with, I will explore sets of 10 meaning 0-10, 10-20, 20-30, 40-50, 60-70, etc up until like 1000 or something and plot the chart. I'll then graph the data and create a function for this curve. With this curve, I'll see if there are any x-intercepts I'll then explore different sets of numbers, for example... from 0-50, 50-100, 10
  9. Heyyaa fellow IB survivor! I would most definitely really suggest the PEA method to find out how to work things. This works mainly for all poems, it's fairly simple, and it is bound to get you some marks. I would suggest you to practice more and more and think about texts. Give them multiple readings -- first one to figure out important parts of the text, second get into greater detail, and third and fourth readings to go the deepest and looking at the text from a global perspective. I am facing the same problems as you, my friend. We share the same subjects, except I have SL physics and HL E
  10. Heyya, thanks a ton for your advice! I'm going to start memorizing some important things from now. Aaaahh, I see... I'll most definitely also look at the key questions (why does this occur and what is its exception) Alright, I'll most definitely use more of Tsokos and I'll forget about IBID. I was actually told only to read it because it has some parts which aren't a part of Tsokos. Chris Hamper doesn't cover everything in detail but it does cover some useful things. IA's ftw!
  11. But then eventually things got a bit better (perhaps that is just the magic of hindsight), and physics was actually not too bad compared to my other exam papers. I'm not sure how useful this advice will be for you, but I think it did help me. Firstly, I would suggest using at least 2 or 3 textbooks - I think Tsokos has been mentioned above, and there are a couple more, each of varying quality. They are good in terms of providing straight-out theory, but also giving guided examples and then exercises to apply the strategies of guided examples - this is useful practice. Between them all, you can
  12. I'll try solving a lot of past papers but I need to be able to understand the concept before I just blindly go on to it, no? So I've started reading a lot more, practicing more exercises in the book, and started reading from other sources aswell. But I suppose I'll start solving from the past papers as soon as I think I have the hang of the topic -- like Kinematics, I can do this topic with my eyes closed now
  13. Aaaahhh, it's great that you end up with almost a 6 now, it really is. Actually, it's rather inspiring aswell. I see what you did there, I'll most definitely give this a shot and read more on the syllabus and guide. Thanks a ton for your reply!
  14. Hahahhahahah I know exactly how you feel. Yeah man, keep in touch and we'll do something to raise our grades.
  15. I think it is a great article. There is a lot you can write on it. You can also make several links to the chapter in the book and it would be a great if you could connect those links with fluidity.
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