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  1. I dont get the question? You mean the reason behind doing your Math IA? I.e. the aim of the internal assessment? You're doing the Exploration, right?
  2. Those sound perfect, thanks. Did you submit 6 lab reports, or just 2?
  3. Thank you both so much We do have a routine in class, but I don't think any of us fully understand it. We're not very good at making essays regarding poetry, and I'm finding it difficult, especially with the cryptic meanings behind it. I do want to do well in English though, so the more advice I get, the better. :')
  4. Alright thank you very much for your help!
  5. Hello Everyone! I was wondering if I could get some advice on how to fully annotate poems, i.e. what to start with, and what important things to note. Anything that can help really. Thank you all :3
  6. Hey I dont know what that is but I'd love to help with the personal statement :')
  7. Hello Thanks so much for the reply Well basically I am unhappy with the labs I've previously done I have two designs to do and I have a couple of weeks left, so I have the chance to make new lab reports, which I'd rather do, because it means I can work better on it. The topic of the design is obviously in my hands and I don't know which ones I should choose to get the best results. Basically every lab report I've done so far seems to have either bad results, or not enough analysis. So if I can get suggestions on labs that are really good I'd love that, because I can ask to do them, and I'd be
  8. Hello Everyone! I need some help picking out what Labs I'd like to do for my lab reports if anyone has any ideas to suggest please do I dont know which ones are the most relevant for IB and usually my results don't turn out that great, so I need to repeat all the IAs are due at the end of the month so the sooner I finish the better ! Please and thank you
  9. Hello! I need some help because I have to pick 6 labs to do for my final IAs being submitted and I don't know which ones are the best for IB. I am wondering if you have any suggestions. Please and thank you!
  10. Thank you very much for your reply. I just feel like the Math behind it is so complicated because they skip out most steps I shall begin again once I'm done with EE Thank you again
  11. guys i need help I have changed my math hl topic 6 times and am still unable to work because math is not understandable I am supposed to be smart I am top of my stupid class BUT I still don't know how to do my math exploration... how do you explore math? what do you do? can someone give me steps? It's about differential equations.
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