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  1. Hey all! I was wondering if my TOK presentation topic sounds ok. I'm in a group of three and our question is: "How are different definitions of beauty formed, and what are the ethical implications of these definitions?" We plan to look primarily at language as a way of knowing, in terms of imagery, media, etc. For areas of knowledge, we want to look at multiple. For example, natural science in terms of what's healthy for your body, mathematics in facial symmetry and body measurements, human sciences with psychological disorders, indigenous knowledge systems with different cultural idea
  2. My essay is in Human Rights. The question is: "To what extent is prostitution a violation of human rights?" I turned in my second draft an hour ago It's not where I want it to be yet, but at least it's more of a start.
  3. Can someone explain to me Castro in terms of the actual syllabus? Our teacher covered Castro but the notes were kinda confusing. They were somewhat broken into rise of power/consolidation of power/domestic policies but it wasn't very clear. Please help!
  4. For my second IA, our teacher has us doing one based on Acids and Bases. However, she said that if we previously looked at concentration, we can't do anything similar again. Since I changed the concentration in the sulfur clock reaction in my previous lab, I can't do that again. So that pretty much knocks out a titration. She hasn't been very helpful on other possibilities. Can someone give me an idea of what I can do?
  5. It really depends on the particular college. For example, University of Missouri, which is in-state for me, is a college that offers credit for all of my IB classes. I just have to score above 5 or 6, including SLs, except for Math Studies (mostly because it is useless). MU is not really selective, so IB benefits even at a public in-state university. I also have friends who completed the IB Diploma and went out of state, for instance to Nebraska, and got around 26-30 credits and started as a sophomore. In addition, colleges like to see that you took the most rigorous option available to you in
  6. Which test you do depends on what your variables are. If your variables are both numerical, then you would want to do a spearman's or pearson's. If you have any qualitative variables, then you would perform a chi-squared test. For example, for my math studies IA I compared the genre of a song to the amount of weeks it spent on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. So, since one of my variables was genre, I did the chi-squared test. It sounds to me like you have two quantitative variables and thus should do a pearson's and regression.
  7. I'm really on the fence about what math class I should take next year. I'm in grade 11 this year, and my school only offers Math Studies SL or Math HL, so I decided to take Math Studies so I wouldn't overwhelm myself. I'm finding that it's ridiculously easy and I wish my school offered Math SL. Anyway, next year, even though I technically could be done with math, I intend to take another math class. However, I don't know if I should take College Calculus or AP Statistics. I don't want to have too much on my plate for senior year, but I want to challenge myself. What do you guys think?
  8. North Kansas City High School, Missouri, USA. Graduate in May 2015!
  9. For my extended essay, I really want to look at an education based topic. I had a really strong idea of what I wanted to do, but it turns out I don't know how to fit it into a subject area. I wanted to look at the structure of the Finland school system and analyze how it produces strong standardized testing scores. I looked at human rights, but that deals more with availability of services rather than the service itself, and I looked at world studies because I wanted to compare Finland and the USA, but that has to be interdisciplinary. I came up with a possible research question, "What is the
  10. Hey guys! I'm in my first year of the IB program and at my school, we begin in our junior TOK class to look into possible extended essay topics. I currently have two ideas, and I need help wording the questions and figuring out what category they would best fit under. I know there are quite a few I could place them under, but I don't know which is the best possible option. Idea 1: Effectiveness of the Missouri Public School System in Comparison to Helsinki Public School System Idea 2: The Ethical Implications of the One Child Restriction in China
  11. Hey guys! I need help refining my question for my SL History IA. I want to look at how the Tiananmen Square Massacre affected the perspective of the Chinese people in regards to political change. Basically, how the Massacre made them realize that they weren't going to get any change. I'm going to look at interviews and other primary source documents for this. Can someone help me figure out how to better phrase my research question?
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