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  1. I would suggest to focus on the categories you have already mentioned than do one more. This is mostly because if you choose to write the remaining 200 words on these categories, you'll show your in-depth knowledge on the context, author, themes etc even more than previously and it will allow you to make more corrections on your text. If you choose to do another part of the police report (which I find unnecessary) your points might be more scarce and shallow. What part of the course is your written task by the way?
  2. Hey guys! I have a simple but extremely important question about my wt. I'm writing an interview with an imaginary South African (Cape Coloured) musician who has been influenced by Nelson Mandela, Apartheid etc. Throughout this interview I'm showing his Afrikaans routes through the use of names, locations and phrases. A typical interview falls into the category of Language and Mass Communication, although, my wt shows a lot of context and could be Language in Cultural Context. Which part of the course should I say my wt is based on? Thanks a lot!
  3. Hi Tatiana, I'm also doing my EE on Social Anthropology. What is your research question? Your topic sounds too broad. My advisor has advised me to use both web and print bibliography to have a good stand. Like you, I really wanted to talk about a web community at first but information may be limited and the subjects examined have way too dissimilar contexts. You could definitely develop a questionnaire and post it online. Otherwise switch... your subject sounds like it has many possible pitfalls. Talk to your advisor more and ask for ideas that may relate to web communities. Hope you w
  4. Hey guys, I'm writing my EE on Social Anthropology at the moment. I am aware of the 4000 word limit but I have difficulty estimating how many words each of my sections should be. Here's the brief plan I made with my supervisor: Introduction Chapter A: Coming to Greece Chapter B: Migration from Bulgaria Chapter C: Migration from Albania Conclusion (My topic is female migration and transnational motherhood from post soviet states if you're wondering) I "divided" the word amount like this: 600 900 900 1100 400My problem is that I feel like 600 words are too many for an introduction...
  5. Hey guys, I just saw the tok essay prescribed titles and thought to share in case someone hasn't seen them yet. What do you think of this year's questions? Do you like/dislike any in particular? I can't choose from any myself. They all seem confusing and absurd... 1.There is no such thing as a neutral question. Evaluate this statement with reference to two areas of knowledge. 2. “There are only two ways in which humankind can produce knowledge: through passive observation or through active experiment.†To what extent do you agree with this statement? 3. “There is no re
  6. Nope, it's unnecessary but you will definitely more than 2 to have a more well rounded view of the events that you're studying. I would suggest going to a bookstore or seeing other IB students (older than you obviously) books and skimming through them to see which ones you like best. Either condense and focused of with pictures, colours etc.
  7. Min pareis math hl me ximeia hl.... apla min to kaneis
  8. Hi guys, I just came back from Cape Town where I was volunteering for a little bit over a month. I fell in love with the city and South Africa in general. Does anybody know the process for applying to a South African university through the IB? Has anybody had any experience with SA unis or studies at one right now? I'm interested if not solely, mostly on UCT University of Cape Town and any feedback is more than welcome! Thanks!
  9. Interestingly enough, I've been told that Social Anthropology is the easiest subject to get high EE grades. It depends to a great extent on the teacher and assistance they provide you with. In my school there's only one S&C Anthr. teacher and students always get As or Bs on them. That topic sounds really cool. You should check out the Trobrianders, if they don't sound too obvious.
  10. Hi, I'm writing my EE on Anthropology too! Yes, you could definitely do primary research but my teacher told me examiners do not fancy that sort of thing for EE, supporting that interviews/questionnaires are IA material. I don't know where you could find resources but you should try emailing the IBO. Have you tried googling psychological studies on the IB? Basing my view on Taylor's definition of culture as learned, adaptive (or maladaptive), symbolic, integrated, and shared, the IB does not fit in all of those characteristics and might not be considered one. Many of us share the same char
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