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  1. I think it may be a bit tricky since the Economics Extended Essay Guide states that the topic must be no more than 3 years old. But if the issue and the data that you gather is relevant within a 3 year span, then it might work out.
  2. I just checked the guide and you're right. Thank you! I better stick with adding the pictures then.
  3. For my Economics Extended Essay, I have pictures of coverage maps of different firms which I use to compare. I was wondering whether it would be a good idea to add the images in the Essay itself or whether I should add it in the Appendix and refer to it in a manner such as '"As seen in maps from Appendix 1.."
  4. Yup, that's what I was going for. Thank you
  5. I've been doing my Extended Essay in Economics about the market structure of the internet service providers in my city and i've come across a slight problem. I'm collecting information on the data offered by the internet service providers and the price they set for that data. A hypothetical example of the situation i've come across is: Company A offers 8gb of data for $15. Company B offers 10gb of data for $20. Now I'm wondering whether I should leave that data like that in my raw data table or whether I should convert it where I find how much it would cost Company B to offer 1gb of
  6. I'm not too familiar with economics EE's so you're best asking someone else for the specifics, but it would depend on whether the ISP's in your area do form a collusive oligopoly or not - assuming that's what you are writing about. I'm not sure how you would find that out though, since I doubt they will openly tell you that they are colluding, if they area. Yeah I doubt they're going to give that information out. I guess the only thing I could do is speculate since at the moment it seems like a non-collusive oligopoly going on with non price competition. Thanks a lot for the help
  7. Thanks a lot for the help! I suppose it would be wiser to change my question to 'To what extent does the market operate as an Oligopoly?'. Do you reckon it would be a good idea for me to focus on the Oligopolistic traits in my essay (collusive or non collusive) and towards the end state that it displays some traits of a monopolistic competition.
  8. I'm currently doing my Extended Essay on finding the market structure of the internet service providers in the country i'm living in. For my essay, i'm considering Monopolistic Competition, Perfect Competition and Oligopoly as possible outcomes. However, i'm wondering whether it would be fair to say that the firms could be showing monopolistic traits seeing as there are 5 firms and one of the condition of monopolistic competition is that there are a large number of firms. Would 5 be an alright number to go with in this case? I was thinking of changing of my question to 'To what extent are
  9. I'm doing both the subjects you're thinking about choosing, here's my experience with them so far; Economics SL - The Economics having mainly math isn't true. If you're doing HL, like I am, then you would have to take a Paper 3 test which is entirely math based but isn't really hard at all. I'm a few days away from finish my first year in IB DP and Economics has been one of the easy subjects for me. As far as I recall, SL had barely (or didn't do) any math at all. The important thing to keep in mind for SL which helped me was to read the book (I'm currently using Economics Course Companion b
  10. I was initially planning on doing my Economics IA based on this article (http://archive.indianexpress.com/news/sc-refuses-to-cap-number-of-personal-cars/1151703/) and relate it to the negative externality of consumption. However, I just came across this article (http://www.bizjournals.com/baltimore/news/2014/04/09/health-advocacy-group-wants-maryland-to-raise-the.html) which talked about cigarette taxes. I feel like this would be a more useful article for my IA. However, I was wondering if by choosing this article, in the diagrams that I draw based on negative externalities of consumption, w
  11. I haven't used the GCSE Economics book and so I'm not entirely sure if I'm the right one to comment on it. I just got done with the Microeconomics part of Economics and I can honestly say that the book has been a great help and just by following it, i've been able to get a consistent 6. Granted that I've got a good Economics teacher, but if you're planning to self-study Economics over this summer, I would personally recommend the IB textbook.
  12. i don't think you should work on only three firms. i mean you could focus on three, but you should have some data that shows how many firms there are in the market. then maybe go on by saying that those three have greater market shares. i considered 20 firms in my ee. Thanks! Yeah, I agree that it would be a good idea to consider those remaining firms.
  13. The topic for my extended essay will be regarding what market structure the internet providers are operating in within the area i'm living in. I've got quite a few companies, about 5. However, out of them, 2 are unknown and the majority of the people here use the remaining three, which I suspect is an oligopoly. Due to that, I decided to focus my research question on those 3 companies and made it: What market structure are the internet providers X, Y and Z operating in? But i'm not entirely sure whether it was a good idea to exclude those remaining 2. Another tricky bit that I've encountered i
  14. Agreed, I'm guessing he uses the Pinocchio hook to emphasize how he has no 'strings' and isn't being controlled by any major record deal or sponsors. But I find it a bit contradictory because in the song he also talks about how 'Racism is frozen in time like Walt Disney' referring to the claims of how Walt Disney was a racist and supposedly froze his body when he died in hopes of being resurrected in the future.
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