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  1. So I'm doing aspects of europe and the middle east and several subtopics from topics 6,8,9,10. does anyone have tips for revising for the paper 2 exams? thanks!
  2. for tz1 I could not figure out the stupid helicopter question.. I think I got all my numbers wrong I took ages to plug in numbers for the continuous dist question as well and I'm scared that I might have made stupid mistakes. I'm so mad that I didn't think of graphing that really ugly function which asks for the normal equation to the tangent >
  3. I thought paper 2 was so much better than paper 1!!! i feel like I barely answered anything correctly in paper 1
  4. TZ1 paper one was T.R.I.C.K.Y... everyone freaked out after ahaha
  5. @zerozak yep to all core for p2? thank you guys
  6. Are the bio options tested in paper 2 for IB HL BIOLOGY candidates? I am not sure and I don't recall my teacher talking about it
  7. for paper 2, are you allowed to use 3 authors interchangeably? Like for instance, I mention in my thesis that I will be exploring the works of poet A and B, but later on in the essay, I introduce poet C as an alternative idea? will this be too messy?
  8. so is there a specific way to fill in the multiple choice? Or the question numbers? is the information important enough to warrant going to school? thanks!
  9. for students that have already taken the IB BIo exams, were there any special exam procedures you had to do? Did you have to fill out special things in your tests? My teacher says that he is going to go through what we have to do on the day of the exam, like special things we have to fill out on the test sheets and what not, and I am wondering if there really is special things we need to do, or can we just simply turn up and write our exams? I'm asking because if there is no special procedure, I would rather spend my time studying at home than going to school thanks!
  10. wow we are in the same situation right now! I feel like I have given up all hope because although I improved to scoring 5s and 6s in chapter tests, I still bombed my mock exams (2 years core) and I'm feeling pretty hopeless right now Arghhh I'm just wondering, for the people who have been successful in HL math, did you have really structured math classes? Like did your teacher have a clear plan of what he was going to teach you for that day? Do your teachers assign homework and give you guys practice papers?
  11. thank you so much! you are so organized for a year 1 haha...
  12. I have been reading a lot of study tips as I begin to formulate my study plan, but it seems like no one really mentions how to actually study in the midst of exams? How would one go about prioritizing what subjects they should do? I am determined to keep organized because my studying fell through for the mocks and I need to do really well on the final exams!
  13. so I am wondering, when asked to draw diagrams, are they supposed to be realistic (like not cartoon like?) how realistic does the IB want the diagrams. I have had hits and misses during tests, when the pictures i draw are not "realistic" enough in that I didn't draw the appropriate cells or shading the right things etc. and it's really confusing me
  14. For standard deviation, are you supposed to just use +/- 1 stdev or a specific standard deviation for every value in a bar and line graph? also, do you need a line of best fit in a bar graph? thank you!
  15. yes someone answer please!! I too would like to know
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