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  1. Hi, Can anyone tell me if my choices of subjects for IB is good enough so that I can apply for studying Law in the UK. I've been thinking about applying for UCL, Bristol or Oxford. HL English HL History HL Psychology SL Math studies SL Biology SL Spanish Thanks beforehand! Nimra Iqbal.
  2. Thank you all! One last question, does my choices of subjects look good for applying for law at universities in the UK? Should I change my choices of subject? Nimra Iqbal
  3. Hi, I really want to study Law in university so here's my choices for subjects next year (I'm in pre-Ib) HL English HL History HL Psychology/Business and Management SL Math SL Biology SL Spanish As you can see I haven't decided whether I want to study Psychology or Business and Management, what do you guys think would be best? Which of these subjects is the hardest? And does my subject choices look good for applying for Law at universities in the UK. Please help me out, thanks. Nimra Iqbal.
  4. Don't lose hope - just make sure to attend to every classes, and make homework. Do the essays and assignments to their dues, and remember to give youself some time off from the IB if it's possible. Wish you good luck!
  5. Ohh well, okay thanks. - Indeed, It did a bit.
  6. Hi everyone, Lots of people says that many universities in UK doesn't allows students with Math Studies. However, only Math HL/SL. I've never been a Math person, so that's why I've choosen Math Studies, it's lot easier. I wanna attend an University in UK, most likely England; Bristol, Leeds or other nearby London. I'm planning on studying Law so badly, and my question is; Do you guys knows any Universities in England who allows Math Studies students, that want to study Law? - Nimra Iqbal, Denmark.
  7. Hello everyone, I'm in deep thought, whether I should take IB or not. If I take IB, I've to take Pre-IB first. But lots of people says things like, "Omg, IB's hard, don't take it" or "You'll fail easily, I put all-nighters everyday" It kinda makes me fearing IB, but I really wanna study Law at University of Bristol in UK and I've heard that IB is a bonus for getting into Uni? For the classes - I might consider taking Math studies, since I'm not good at Math at all, but is it true that some universities don't accept Math Studies? Please answer me, because I'm freaking out, and all my friends
  8. I'd say IB, because I wanna attend to an University in UK, ex. Bristol University - Law department. I was the only one from my grade who's starting on the IB diploma, the rest are taking AP! But as told - I happily take the IB and it looks good on the CV and your Uni application!
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