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  1. You need to give examples of applied theory in practice. Make sure you also refer to all the roles you took on in theatre as a director, designer, actor and technician. You also need to refer to at least 3 examples of working with others.
  2. When you are working on your Research Investigation, which of the following is the recommended sequence to formulating your question? a) Find a play and then research the practice that play is from, and then formulate a question b) Start with the practice, research it in depth, find an aspect that there are lots of sources on, and interests you, then find a play that implements that aspect c) Start with an aspect, for example masks, and then find a play and research a practice that matches?
  3. OK, as none of you have been brave enough to broach this topic, here is the answer: HLA - devising and directs HLA - devising and acting HLB - researches into lighting design and learns how to design lights for the play (also runs board) SL1 - acts in the play SL2 - designs the costumes This is one possible combination, try to think of a combination of your own that your class could do.
  4. I am sorry to read that your teacher has been of no help. For the RI you need to start with the PRACTICE. You choose an unfamiliar practice, research it and find an ASPECT of the practice that you are interested in, and you then find a PLAY from the practice that includes this aspect. For example, you may love Kabuki theatre, research it and find there is a lot on the Onnagata, and how a man plays a woman. You would then find a play that includes a woman. You do NOT need to refer to the whole play, you can refer to one or two scenes that include the woman. You then write how a man would play t
  5. If you cannot find a primary source or a range of other sources for this, then I would suggest that you change your focus. You could start by contacting your Chinese Embassy and their cultural department. Have you tried contacting Beijing opera companies? Also, find out if there is anyone in your school that has a contact. Good luck.
  6. Can any of you give me an example of an Independent Project that a group of 5 students works on that enables all of them to meet the requirements of the IB? The students are x2 HL option A, x1 HL option B, and x2 SL. Good luck!
  7. Well done for adding the advice. How did the Viewpoints workshop go? If you still need advice then get in touch.
  8. For the portfolio you need to include your research before you start writing. What do you know about writing?What style are you going to base your writing on?What have you written before?Who can you ask for advice?Then you want to set yourself some goals for the task. List these. After that you set up writing and record any problems you had on the way. Answer these questions: What did you find easy?What was hard?What did you change and why?What did you add and why?What feedback did you get from others that helped?Once you have written the play you will then have new goals in terms of performan
  9. For the IPP SL option you only need to focus on one skill, which in this case is writing a play. You will have enough for your portfolio to include on the process of writing and editing etc. For a final product I would suggest a readers' theatre event where you read your play to an audience and get some feedback on characters, content and story-line, as that is what you would be focusing on as a writer. No need to perform it. Does that help?
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