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  1. Yeah that's what I wrote as well Increasing volume decreases pressure which has no effect on Kc
  2. Silicon Dioxide was tetrahedral thats all i remember haha They're both in a tetrahedral arrangement. When you draw them out, they look like they're not, but they are yeah now i remember i had put tetrahedral for both, its funny becuase this kid kept drawing out SiO2 as a linear molecule to annoy our teacher (weird kids in my class) but anyway the fact that he drew it wrong so many times stuck in my head Haha they don't look like AX4 when you draw them out. Most people don't realize that it's a macromolecule and isn't AX2. But yeah I got that wrong on a practice exam so it stuck with m
  3. Silicon Dioxide was tetrahedral thats all i remember haha They're both in a tetrahedral arrangement. When you draw them out, they look like they're not, but they are
  4. Think it was (Had K. Na and other stuff in there).
  5. I don't know if HL and SL are the same, but I chose C because CH4 didn't have lone pairs, which is essential in dative bonds.I wasn't sure about question 2, I believe, which asked about which solution had the most concentration of Cl. I think I put D for that. What was the answer to the redox question? I put D as well and so did lots of people I asked. And the answer was C but I did B. :/ (Wrote C at first and erased it and went with B).
  6. Found it REALLY easy lol. Everybody was complaining that it was hard... Only thing that I messed up on was "Which of these could form a dative covalent bond" a) CH4 + NH3 b) ? c) NH3 and HF d) ? I knew it wasn't b or d so I went with a but the answer was c. And I messed up on the redox question. I totally forgot that Cu can ONLY have a charge of +2 and +3 :/ 2 I got wrong for sure. Everything else seemed right.
  7. The answer for the hydrate question is 2 (I can't divide two numbers ) Lets not say what I got for the hydrate LOL But yeah, I did #7. God bless IB for making most of that exam organic chem based. :')
  8. I'm pretty positive about this but I may be wrong. Basically, they only mark 1 essay so the maximum you'll get is 20/40 (Which is a 5).
  9. I failed at caking WAAAY too badly so I'm not even gonna bother... :') And I've never even watched the Percy Jackson movies/read the books... :| And yeah I have awks Confession: Harry Potter #2 (Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets) is my fave HP movie and book Next Person will confess that they've had that one teacher who doesn't like them even though they try REALLY hard to get the teacher to like them...
  10. Uhhhh well my craziest tactic to getting someone's attention was to sack him :') (I WANTED THE SOCCER BALL AND HE WASNT LISTENING SO I SACKED HIM TO GET HIS ATTENTION TO GET IT FROM HIM) Confession: I find PDA really awkward... like its so awkward walking up the stairs and you see people making out like ... get a room guys. Next person will confess whether they've caked someone :')
  11. Of course I broke something valuable... I'm a clutz Confession: I can never make those squiggly brackets { } by hand... mine look demented Next Person will confess they didn't even care about the EE and TOK (cmon who does :'))
  12. Math is life doe dw bless the bellcurve And nahh never :') Confession: I used to eat mayo + French fries (IT TASTES BETTER THAN IT SOUNDS) Next person will confess that they've cheated on an exam :')
  13. I'm hiding a ton of "big" things from the person I trust the most :') I'm not an open book aha Confession: I watched 28 episodes of Arrow the weekend before my chem exam... (intentionally leaving out how I did ) Next Person will confess they don't like chocolate. (CHOCOLATE IS LIFE DOE)
  14. Haven't even slept with someone of the opposite gender.... IB takes up WAY too much of my time Confession: I've never drank an alcoholic beverage :/ Next person will confess they've gambled before.
  15. It was made a lot harder Multiplying numbers by 121 is a heck of a lot harder than multiplying it by 5.
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