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  1. In IB history, the skills necessary for HL and SL are similar but the amount of content varies. The IA, Paper 1 and Paper 2 are identical and are marked at the same standard - only the percentage is different. For both levels you really need 2 years of practice to get to the right level of development to take the exams. However, the HL option is a lot more content to learn.
  2. There is considerable merit in your first question, if it interests you, and if you'd like to pursue it further and clarify it somewhat - to which leftist regimes in the East are you referring? I find that, on this site, students worry too much about whether or not a subject is overdone, rather than thinking about how to do it and whether or not it is a manageable topic. While the Guerra del Pacifico may be exotic, if it doesn't interest you very much than you will have a difficult time focusing on the subject and doing adequate research, which brings up another point: how many good sources
  3. This question is too broad. Whole books have been written with this subject as a thesis, and an IA is only 2000 words maximum, with about 1400 for evidence and analysis. Perhaps you should look at one aspect of Versailles - territorial changes, reparations, War Guilt Clause, etc. - instead. I also counsel my students to consider what it is they really want to write about - do you want to write about the Treaty itself? Or, are you interested in Hitler? Once you have a clearer idea of what you are really interested I think the question will narrow itself a bit.
  4. How do you propose to define religious issues? You should consider the arguments that you have available to you and examine whether they are truly part of the religious differences or if they are something else. You have to be careful with a question like this unless you have a clear definition of what you mean or you could end up sounding as if one religion was responsible for causing the war.
  5. I would like to add something here: evaluating the success of Hitler Youth is a solid topic, but how do you intend to evaluate success? It might be better to ask about success in a particular sphere in order to keep the essay on task and explicitly analytical.
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