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  1. Paper 1: A PIECE OF CAKEEE (though there were like 4 or 3 questions i was not completely sure about, including the one of enzyme activity but i also put substrate concentration Paper 2: data analysis mm more less, short questions they were all nice except for the action spectrum , essay questions... mm I think I did well I chose 7 and 8. I only had trouble at 7 where one of the questions that was worth 6 points asked about the models for enzyme activity... I was nervous and ended up talking about two models hahaha I was not completely sure. Paper 3: My options were option E and H. I found Opti
  2. Hi! What papers (1, 2 and 3) of Biology SL/HL do you think are the most difficult? Can you post them with their TZ as well? Thanks
  3. Don't take abnormal behaviour just... don't.
  4. JAJAJAJAJAJA QUE HACES AQUIIIII ptmmm si se demasiado dificil tu como estas haciendo? yo estoy estudiando de las separatas todo me marea no puedo ir objetivo por objetivo pq todo tiene que ver con lo otro iahsfodsihf HELP recien empece hace una hora asi
  5. I'm at SL and my option is Abnormal psychology. I realized by seeing other past papers that exam questions tend to ix 2 objectives or take a part of one. Everything is related. My exam is tomorrow at 8:30 a.m. I have started studying by looking at the etiologies and treatments of an afective disorder and an anxiety disorder by just reading because I don't have time to make notes (it's already 9:25 p.m. I find this option veeeeryyy large and with everyting related it's kind of confusing. Can someone help on how to study well this option please?!?!?!? Thankss
  6. Hi, I'm having problems with memorizing stuff like the phyla of plants. Actually, I see topic 5 as extremelly boring haha I prefer a LOT more the topics about physiology and idk everything that has to do with humans. Mahuta, do you have any mnemotechnique to learn the difficult memorizing parts of topic 5? Moreover, there is an objective at Option E.2 about the visual stimuli the one about the Edge enhancement. Not even my teacher knows how to explain it. Can you give me a response to that objective the way it should be written in a 6-marker on paper 3? Thanks a lot! I also want to study medic
  7. I'm preparing it as for the 8-marker (I didn't have time to study all and my psychology paper 1 is... tomorrow lol) but I'm using Block and Davidson - Jet lag on mice. Why do you need a case study? you can make it well with an study using another methodology. Here you can talk about melatonin as well.
  8. Why shouldn't you mention Phineas Gage? It's my favourite haha
  9. It's true, they aren't but I have noticed in not only paper 3 but all the Biology HL papers and probably SL ones that there are questions that are not really part of an objective but that you are expected to know them "indirectly" as you studied it. For example, an objective talks about the sinusoids (i have not reviewed but that's what I remember) and maybe in your class you "should" have seen an electron micrograph image of the liver tissue including sinusoids and all the other things there. Honestly, I wouldn't know how to answer the question attached in your file but I think it is a good i
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