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  1. Hey, I'm going to retake my Swedish B paper exams only. A Language B course is divided by Orals, Paper 1 & 2, and Written Assignment. But here's the thing I'm confused about, if I retake the subject, I can choose to retake it without the IAs, but the Written Assignment is externally assessed, does that mean I need to re-write my written assignment?
  2. I want to retake some papers in MAY November. The subjects I want to retake are Swedish B and Physics. The thing is I want to remark and rewrite some IAs as well. Questions: Does the school have to offer that subject you want to retake in order to allow you to retake it through their school? (Not many schools offer ESS or Swedish B)I want to retake my orals in Swedish B and papers - possible to do it without rewriting the written assignment?For the Scandinavians - Do you know any school that offers November retakes?I could just retake in my school 2015 but the Physics syllabus changes for May
  3. Maybe it is asking you to compare and contrast different views.
  4. Not sure if you could do this in your school, but like in my school (and probably other schools in Swede) I could ask my CAS coordinator for some funding because they have some budget stored that could be used for some activities.
  5. Are we allowed to know the external deadlines for the IA? If so, do any of you guys know the official external deadline or does it depend on the subject?
  6. Title 2: “There are only two ways in which humankind can produce knowledge: through passive observation or through active experiment.†To what extent do you agree with this statement? My teacher said to me that I would want to explore this statement in two ways of knowing and two areas of knowledge. I tried, and I found it very hard when I looked at Sense perception and reason, because I wouldn't really know what to argue for that could help me answer the question. I might be spending most of the text trying to tell the difference between observation and perception which I don't need.
  7. Yes, i totally got 45/45 in my IB exams haha Confession: I gain 4-5kg during winter (has happened for 3 consecutive winters) Next person will confess that they want to watch Fifty Shades of Grey :')
  8. No way.......................... how many times do you have to fulfill each learning outcome?
  9. I have my mock paper 2 for maths tomorrow (and i know the paper we are going to be tested on is from M14TZ1 lol). I looked at some past papers and GDC seemed really useful to calculate sums. So to save time can I skip expanding some of the first numbers of a series and type everything in the calculator straight away? Do i need to mention that "I used GDC" to get a (M1) point?
  10. I agree, that's why I sometimes force myself to go to class even if I haven't turned in an assignment. I think it's better to go to classes because when you self-study you might misinterpret something and miss some ideas (even though this is not always the case). Another thing why I think it's important to go to classes is to show respect towards the teachers and I believe that this is important because otherwise they can't help you (since you skip classes) and wouldn't want to. Maybe skipping school days sometimes (twice a semester) is ok, but I don't think it would be a good habit to alwa
  11. I think you could start by trying to define what personal and shared knowledge is or find the scope. So like google the relationship between them and I think you will naturally come up with many knowledge questions. Then you can look closely how these apply in your AOKs.
  12. "focus on a topic or event with a cut-off date that is at least 10 years before the submission date for the investigation" - IB History official guide (First examinations 2010)
  13. I'm aiming for 35+!! p.s. this post is actually quite motivating
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