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  1. Right now I think that there are two things that you can do. Firstly, you have done something great which is to choose a theme. This is the first step for any EE. Next, the best thing that you can do is to do some preliminary reading to get a feel for your subject. For example, I decided that for my EE I wanted to look at French history, and then decided to focus in on the French revolution. After lots of reading I chose my focus to be on Marie-Antoinette and did a heap of research to try and work out what about her that I wanted to write about. So, at this stage you aren't really looking abou
  2. iblyf

    History IA

    I would have to say that for your history IA you are going to need a really good argument with extensive analysis of various opinions, arguments etc. to answer some kind of research question. So, basically your IA is just a long report using evidence to answer a question. So, the most important thing that you can do right now it to turn your ideas into a question. At this stage, that question does NOT have to be perfect at all! It is likely that it will change regularly throughout the process. I am sad to say though that I'm not sure how suitable this topic is for a history IA (the barbie one)
  3. It also really depends on what you're more passionate about. You have to remember that the EE is something that you're going to be working on for a LONG time, and you're going to want to do it on something that really interests you. So if you love chem more and can see yourself working to design experiments to answer a research question (but like a seriously massive IA) then go for it. My friend did her EE in Biology and the amount of practical work she did was enormous- something like 5 variants and each with 50 trials! So be prepared for a lot of practical work. But, with History if you want
  4. Hi! I got a 7 in HL History and I would be more than happy to help So, first of all, if you want the marks, historiography can never ever ever be used in place of an argument. The whole point of writing a history essay is to examine all of the evidence and opinions out there in order to come to your personal opinion. My mistake (and most peoples') is to simply summarise all of the evidence and historiography without actually having any kind of thesis. This is just presenting all the arguments, and this won't get you the marks. But, what will is if you can use evidence combined with historiogr
  5. I did the South-East Asia option with China and Japan. I thought that the questions were absolutely fantastic- they covered all the things that I knew best so I was extremely happy! We did our mock exams on I think May 2013 TZ1 which was pretty tough so it really couldn't have gone better. I was also really happy with P1 and 2, so hopefully it all works out! I hope it went well for everyone
  6. I have to say, although some people don't need as much sleep, in IB you need to place as much importance on sleep as you would as a subject. I know that sounds a bit silly and weird, but sleep needs to be one of your number one priorities. Just as you would study for a test to get a good mark, if you want to be able to do well throughout IB in a sustained manner it is absolutely essential to get enough sleep. Right now I am in the middle of my final exams, and I can't tell you enough how important sleep is. I'm sorry to say this, but the only reason that you shouldn't be getting enough sleep i
  7. The fact is, IB is meant to be hard. Everyone feels that there is way more work than they can ever reasonably do! However, one thing I will say is that I noticed that you're doing 4 HLs- how come? This may be one of the reasons why you're finding it so difficult- especially with the combination of Chem and History HL! Have you considered dropping one to SL?
  8. I thought that the questions were great! I have studied Mao's China and my class's HL option was China during that period so I know it really well! As for paper 2, I did the question on totalitarianism of Stalin and the question on the origins of the Cold War. I had particularly studied Stalin's policies and stats so I was really happy that a question came up that allowed me to talk about those. I thought that they were really straightforward and great to write responses on, especially given that I did my IA on the origins of the cold war so I was happy that the questions were really good!
  9. Absolutely! Ok, so what I have understood from your post is that you're asking two questions: 1. What is personal involvement and how do I address this? 2. How do I relate this to other real life issues? Well, to answer your first question, basically you need to show your own personal understanding of how you define beauty; not what the media tells us or anything like that. Use something similar to 'MY perspective on the issue is..." near the end of your oral to show, after examining the evidence, what conclusion you have come to about the issue, not anybody else. Does that make sense? With th
  10. I would help as I have done Topics 1 and Option A which does a bit on Mass Spec but I can't access the photo! Would you mind typing out the question if you can?
  11. That's fine! Well, your x axis is always your independent variable (the thing you are changing, so temperature) and your y axis is the dependent variable (the result of what happens when you change the IV, so rate). Oh well if your teacher has told you to to SD then do it definitely! With the SD though, I'm not quite sure how you will use it... maybe with the error bars to show how much your results vary? Or perhaps constructing a normal distribution curve (sorry but I have no idea how to do this)! Sorry that I can't be much more help.
  12. Hi! Well, firstly I have to ask, do you do IB History? If yes, then great, but if not then I would strongly advise you against doing the EE in History. Having done a History EE myself it isn't just a chronological 'exploration', or an expository essay. First of all, you need to formulate some kind of research question. But, I'm not sure how suitable this topic is as you're not really asking a question. With your EE, you want to be answering something with research, evidence, historiography, and then extensive analysis of this historiography to kind of prove or disprove it using facts and stat
  13. I thought that the poem had heaps to talk about, but it was hard finding an interpretation... I basically talked about the antithesis between Still and Life (from the title) and explored this through diction and other literary features, as well as our ability to bring a kind of dignified 'magic' to something as banal as a doorknob, but how this must return to normality when the sun rises again? I tried not to force an interpretation though, as it was so ambiguous; just more suggesting what some things might allude to.
  14. That's fine! I'm happy to help. I know how hard I found it at first so I'm happy to share some of my wisdom (haha) You don't have to have academic references, but it's good to try and find some kind of textbook reference or something if you can, as it looks like you have really got an understanding, of say, the effect of varying Potassium concentration on the growth rate of a certain type of seed, and why seeds need potassium etc. Does that make sense?
  15. No you shouldn't need to make a graph of all of the tables. Normally I make two. For example, if you are measuring the effect of glucose concentration on the rate of cellular respiration in yeast, one graph would be of the time taken for each of the variables to reach a certain CO2ppm level without any calculations of rate yet, and the other graph would have your calculated rate values. Why have you calculated standard deviation? I did an IA on the effect of increasing concentration of trypsin, so I'm not sure why you need SD. Nonetheless, you won't lose marks for putting it in! Feel free to a
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