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  1. Hi! I am an ESS student taking my exams in may 2014! I wonder what ESS books/texts you refer to when studying ESS. Which books do you feel that answer the syllabus at most? Do you have any advices for getting a good grade in ESS? Personally I think that the pace is very slow in the classes compared to other IB subjects. I have never really grasped the idea of how to actually prepare myself for exams in ESS and I am starting to get a bit shaky... HELP
  2. Where do I find all the new syllabuses for 2014?
  3. I advice to you either compare the natural and social sciences or you choose one of them. Real life situation: education system
  4. It depends on how you write your essay. If it is build upon historical factors that has influenced the economy, than its a history essay. If you are applying to economics models and economical terms, than it is a economics essay. I recommend you to not do both though!
  5. The reconstruction of memory The theory of schema One famous study that you should definitely bring up in your EE is the study: Loftus and Palmer: Eye witness testimony. Their aim was to investigate if leading questions could reconstruct the memory. Another study is Bartlett: The war of the ghosts (if i remember it correct) GL
  6. My KI follows "To what extent do religious beliefs affect the use of reasoning in natural sciences? What are your knowledge issues for the oral presentation in tok?
  7. Does anybody know how to calculate through the keynesian multiplier (macro)?
  8. These are good choices if you want to go into the econ program. haha, good luck on maths HL
  9. I am having a really hard time to find good articles that I can use for my IA in economics. Do you have any idea where i find the proper or "good" ones?
  10. please answer... desperate student, who's on the edge of failing EE...
  11. Does anybody know the requirements or the min. ib points for hong kong university business programme?
  12. Hi I need help with my psychology EE. My research question is "to what extent is love at first sight biological?". Final draft is next week and I am having a hard time to finding biological factors that influence that my RQ! Factors that I have right now: Neurotransmitters, hormones and evolutionary theory. Do you have any additional factors that I can include? HELP FELLOW IBSTUDENTS!
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