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  1. Thank you! That's basically all I'm doing now, re-reading all my notes and trying to revise everything as throughly as possible. One week left, can't believe it! I don't know what I'm going to do when IB is over hahaha
  2. Hi, May session is coming (1,5 week left) and I feel like I will do super miserable and like I don't remember anything. Of course I participated in classes these last 2 years and everything, but I feel so unprepared, especially when it comes to history. What can I do to revise the most important parts? I need to score 35 points to get to the Uni and I am so scared I will not. Or maybe it's just the pre-exam panic that starts to kick in? When it comes to chemistry and math, I'm trying to do as much past papers as possible, but I have no idea how to effectively get started with this damn histo
  3. I'm doing Psych HL, and I must say that there is little difference between HL and SL. It has only one paper more than SL and it is methodology, which is rather easy, especially after the course (or when you're done with the core anyway). So if you find chemistry hard, and it won't be useful to you in any way- I'd switch the subject.
  4. Thank you all a lot! I just responded to the offers and I accepted Leeds as my firm choice- I just think this Uni suits me best after all. Besides I can always transfer elsewhere if I won't like it there, but I honestly don't think that will be necessary. Kent is my insurance choice, but I'm actually rejecting the possibility of getting less than 35 points that's helluva lot of motivation if you ask me
  5. Thank you so much for your answer! This means that I probably need to visit both in order to find out where I want to go. And just so you know: I don't exactly see legal profession (any legal profession) as the one for me, but law is essential in many areas of life (and careers)...
  6. Quite some time ago I applied to some universities, and got my offers- I received my last offer couple days ago, and now I need to reply to two of them. I am stuck between Kent and Leeds. Those two both seem to be great, but which one should I choose? Kent is 15-minutes away from the sea and 45 minutes away from London, which I literally love, but on the other hand I know that location is not the feature I should look at the most. Leeds is part of Russell group and has great facilities. As you can probably see I am not from the UK and at the moment I don't really have time to visit the two (al
  7. I agree, it is quite motivating. It reminds me of my goals, keeps me on track I find that repeatedly seeing where we want to go and what we want to achieve helps us to keep focus on acting (rather than speaking) to make those dreams reality yeah, it totally is MOTIVATING. I was about to respond that I'd be happy with 35, and I don't feel the need to prove anything to anyone. But then I thought about my dad. I want him to be proud of me. Thank you for the topic P.S. Any study/revision tips??? (just one month left till may 2015! )
  8. Hot, because there's no need to have visa to go to Canada - totally legit reason!
  9. Not, for speaking German again! +it is not like I'm expressing my personal feelings towards German, just stating the fact that I don't understand what did you write and that you wrote it in this particular topic
  10. Not for speaking German here!
  11. The thing about math HL is that some people get it lot better than other. I have friends who love it and they think that it is the best subject in the world, and even the easiest one (one of them actually took exam last year and got 7), personally, I would never take this course as I'm not actually math fan at all. You just have to think about the way you feel about math in general (perhaps you should simply take a look at the course book) and about studies you want to go to (search universities' sites for course details). As far as I remember it is said that mathematical level on math HL is s
  12. You could do biology EE about biological side of abusing drugs- how it influences human body or why people get addicted at all (but the second one is probably more psychological...)- I would actually love to read this kind of EE myself and I simply find it very interesting subject.
  13. I like using my iPad with Pages for notes. I can make folders and just keep all of my notes there and keep them organized, which is the most important thing. It's a blessing for such a muddler like me, trust me!
  14. best option is going out with friends, but as you all know well, there isn't much time for social life in IB that's why reading books is something I do a lot lately and I actually enjoy it. I also watch TV sometimes- nothing special, just some dumb sitcoms etc to relax and get rid of a bit of my intelligence haha oh, and I cook often as well! Jamie Oliver is my kitchen god and inspiration- I love him!
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