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  1. TZ1 here. The text on the healthy diet was ridiculous. Paper 2 was relatively easy. I remember doing "school and hobbies" as my first unit in Spanish Ab initio and it was still fresh in my mind
  2. You only need to study 2 optional units!!!! Make sure that you do the HL ones thought, or the SL+HL part! Good luck
  3. As THEliberator said, if this works with you, go for it. The only thing is, if you're doing the IB diploma, you'll have to do exams in either May or November. First of all, there will be too much content to simply memorize. Think about it: 2 years worth of content in 6 classes. Secondly, IB is very smart (I think you probably know that by now). Most of their questions won't be the simple types, but they like to test your ability to make connections. For example, there are processes in the body (IB Biology HL) that the IB delves into deeply: cellular respiration and photosynthesis (an e
  4. Hi! Just wondering, can we do one IA (Design, DCP, CE) for both Bio and Chem? Is that allowed? Thanks
  5. Hi. I'm looking for any detailed video/playlist that goes into Chapter 10: Organic Chemistry in depth. Theres ones by a guy named Richard on Youtube but its not detailed enough. Are the Khan Academy videos any good? Any others? Thanks
  6. Although this isn't exactly related to Greek tragedy/tragic heroes, one idea might be to compare a contemporary work with something like Antigone. Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller is a great one. Miller has also written a piece called 'Tragedy and the Common Man' where he highlights what makes a (contemporary) hero a tragic one. If I were you, I'd be tempted to analyze the techniques used to present the tragedy in the works. Just an idea!
  7. Sup guys! The May 2015 Examinations are about 2 months away now. I was wondering what your plans are on how you'll go about studying for the exams? When do you plan to start, how do you plan to organize your subjects and studytime with school-time, etc. Thanks!
  8. I think it depends on your school. My school doesn't really care about attendance (nor do my parents frankly ), so I do this a lot; simply because like people have said above, I can do a LOT at home as compared to school. Moreover, at the end of the day I learn a lot more by myself than in class. The only reason I don't like it is because it doesn't 'seem' right, and recently teachers have started to notice which makes them feel bad I guess? But sometime's I just get angry: I'm an IB student. I have almost twice the workload of an 'academic' student and the same amount of time he/she has. Th
  9. I have been doing a lot of research into that as well so here's some things that I've found out: Extra Curricular -> Make sure you volunteer a lot. It does not have to be health related, but those look more flashy on an application. Do it at the library, a seniors home, pet store, etc.Leadership -> You need to engage in activities, or show that you have, that show your leadership skills. Maybe start a club at school, coach a sport that you're good at, etc. These will help you look appeal better than those that have just volunteered.Grades, duh -> Depending on where you're studying,
  10. Completely agree with IBprincess. I would recommend you to re-read the book and as you go along, track and note down all the quotes that relate to your topic. When you have a complete list, you will probably find a pattern that will help you bind your essay! Good luck
  11. Hi. I would encourage you to google 'spanish ab initio past papers'. Theres a bunch of them, starting from as early as 2002 till 2014. I would look at the ones which have a mark scheme as well so you can practice and then later on check it as well. Good luck!
  12. Has any IB alumni here attempted to take the MCAT? How hard is it compared to IB? Thanks
  13. Last week before a major break is usually the most hectic. All teachers want to be done with a certain unit before the break, so I have 4-6 quizzes/tests that week. You get a lot of time for IAs though, as long as you use the time wisely and not procrastinate like I'm doing right now
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