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  1. i just fail all my exams at school so the teachers dont expect much from me i do the same to my parents so my parents dont care much either now i have no pressure, and can study easily for the finals without worrying a lot about what others think about me I don't think I can afford that lavish lifestyle of having failed exams on my transcripts for grades 11 and 12 midterms, because I need high grades for college apps. Obviously we come from two very different families too, because my dad would probably take me out of IB if I were to constantly fail every exam.
  2. I completely agree. After someone performs reasonably well for a couple of years, teachers expect stuff from you. And if you can't meet up to that, you have to face their 'completely disappointed in you' faces, and I myself feel incredibly angry at the examiner for God knows how he checked my paper. I know I deserve way more than that, but who'll explain that to the teachers.
  3. Happened to me in a lot of subjects. Economics SL for example. I'm 9 marks from the next boundary there :/ but I know I deserve a 7 because I cross checked my answers everywhere. I don't know whether to send for remark or not. There is no transparency. So confused
  4. How does SL Math have 3 papers? O.o Anyway, the only papers remarked would be Papers 1 and 2. The IA is not re-moderated at all, unless the school sees an abnormally large IA downmoderation, in which case a Category 3 enquiry is initiated for a complete remarking of all internal assessments in that subject. But 1 point to a 7 would translate into more marks needed in both papers, depending on the weightage, so that could be hard to obtain, especially since math is a very objective subject, there is only one right answer. And again, 6 is an awesome score.
  5. Remarking the Extended Essay is normally not very fruitful. Why? Because, the EE is marked by two examiners who decided on a very similar score (1 point apart maybe, max) and hence, 2 opinions went into it. If the points they awarded were different by a bigger margin, a third examiner would remark the EE. So the chances of you getting more points in the EE, especially 5, would be very low. The languages, such as French, are still a safer bet for sending for rechecks, since they are open to multiple interpretations. But getting those 2 points would largely depend on the strength of your essa
  6. 39 points to me as well. Cheers Though, was expecting more. Have no idea what happened to me in Economics SL, TOK and Chemistry HL.
  7. 12:15:00 GMT is what it shows on my IBIS page. 15 minutes can seem like forever especially when you're waiting for your grades
  8. Why do the IB Coordinator's get the result 24 hours earlier?
  9. Hi IBSurvivors, IBWarriors, IBAlumni, IBTeachers and Future IBWarriors :$ Can someone recommend excellent/classic must-read books for an astrophysicist? All suggestions are welcome, from textbooks on the subject to best-sellers written by authors such as Carl Sagan, Neil DeGrasse Tyson etc. I just want a bucket list of stuff to read in my 3 month break. Also, please suggest some TV shows/movies on anything close to the subject!! I particularly like Cosmos: A spacetime odyssey (hosted by Neil DeGrasse Tyson). Star Trek/Wars are of course the classics. Thaaanks !!!!
  10. Haha Yuki, I swear. The only question I found weird was the last one, sub part b, the one to be proved using Rolle's theorem. What did you do for that? I found it weird that it was a 9 marker. The first part, regarding proving that the function was constant in that interval was simple. But the second part, all I could think of was substituting the value of x in the equation ( 0 and 1 ) and both times I got pi. And I said that since the function is constant in the interval, all values between 0 and 1 (inclusive) have a y value of pi. I didn't see the "9 marks" in that, what do you feel?
  11. Yea for the T/F I went T(T)TF. I thought the 2nd one was true because I recall reading that the company was named after her mother or something but I am not 100% sure. I'll check up on it once my French teacher gets the exam. I'm positive the second one was false. As NourILL said, this was a trick question (Sneaky lil' IB). The rest of my answers are exactly the same. Also I remember the synonyms: Competitions - concours Recompenser- grace Montrer (didn't know what it means but guessed, turns out its right ) - presenter
  12. Sorry for posting so much but I'm new to this stuff Text A was definitely way too easy, it even threw me off guard cause I thought I was going to ace the exam until I saw LIKE EVERYTHING ELSE. In text B, they wanted to leave Casablanca to immigrate/emigrate to Canada. No I understand they wanted to leave Casablanca to emigrate to Canada, but i think the question asked what was the reason behind them leaving casablanca and emigrating to canada? :/ Isn't your answer a bit too simple?
  13. Hey guys, there is a lot of confusion out here regarding 24-28 points, the requirement of 12 points in HL etc. The IB released this document last year, for use from FIRST EXAMINATIONS MAY 2015 (Diploma students only, I think). This is straight from there: From the May 2015 examination sessionFrom the May 2015 session the following failing conditions and associated codes will replace those in current use. 1. CAS requirements have not been met.2. Candidate’s total points are fewer than 24.3. An N has been given for theory of knowledge, extended essay or for a contributing subject.4. A gra
  14. Text A was really easy, I just made a stupid mistake in the very first question and wrote it was a television emission instead of the correct option B. Text B was a tad tougher than A, I was a bit puzzled at why he wanted to leave Casablanca since there was no explicit reason other than he had been living there for too long and wanted to start a new life. Text D was fairly easy, I gave correct guesses on those synonyms (THANKFULLY ) but that refer-word-thing was annoying. I always screw that one up.
  15. Hahaha me too, I've been really anxious to know everyone else's answers. And likewise, I found Text C to be the trickiest. I remember that : The first T/F was on whether she makes articles out of sacs of plastique and I gave a true to that. The second one was a false, something about the name of the mother, which was some Doctor Fatiha or something and not the name that started with Is... The third one was very tricky, some gave true, some gave false. The word "metier" could refer to them already having their traditional methods of making articles, and thereby it would be false since they a
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