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  1. q was 3 I think so vertical asymptote I wrote was x=3, then the horizontal asymptote (assuming I found p right) was 7 as x approached infinity? I know x=3 is definitely right but I'm not sure if I got the horizontal asymptote right. But p and q ? x it was different from q
  2. Which are the vertical and Horizontal asymptotes in PAPER 1?
  3. I have a big dude: If the IB ask for your diary of CAS, they will check the 2 years of th IB or only the second one? Or this is accord of the examinator? Help me! I don't know if I write my two years of CAS in one notebook or separetly
  4. Hello! What is the presentation of TOK about?
  5. I recommend you to put the question of your advisor
  6. i'm also doing my extended essay in bilogy so i can help you
  7. Hello! Is there anyone who can help me write an essay for TOK? I don't have any idea for doing it. If anyone know, a web page where i can read examples. Another question .... the TOK presentation could be by three people? Thanks.
  8. I´m also modelling the population growth from my town but i don't sure what to do I need Help!!
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