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  1. Hi Guys, Recently, my brother decided to pursue IB certificate with economics HL, Physics HL, Math SL, Chemistry SL, and English Lang and Lit SL. I was wondering if he is doing the right thing. It is of any use to take certificate? Will he be disregarded by colleges?
  2. Hi guys, I was wondering if i can change my subject level from Math HL to Math SL after registering for ib? Can i re-register now or is it too late?
  3. According to me, IB isn't so hard as long as you manage your time. There is not much room for procrastination especially if you are in the latter half of 11th and 12th. Once you manage your time, you will find that you will be done with most assignments before the deadline and will thus be ahead of your peers and will also have more guilt- free free time. no matter how far the deadline may seem, it is best to start early and be done with it before as you can also leave room for improvement based on teachers suggestions. I am actually telling this to you from experience, pending assignments cat
  4. Hi Guys! I chose to do my exploration on the "torricellis trumpet". (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gabriel's_Horn) I will be looking at how the surface area is calculated, how the volume is calculated and how the volume is finite but the surface area is infinite. I will also look at the painters problem and the limitations of the shape as a whole. But the problem is that the math used in this is very limited and is basically covered fully in the syllabus (so i don't get to do something out of the syllabus really) Also, There are so many resources on the internet explaining everything about it
  5. Hi guys! So we started this lab in physics yesterday about SPECIFIC HEAT CAPACITY. We need to come up with our own ideas to do a design lab involving specific heat. Some guys came up with an idea of investigating the effect of adding cold milk to hot coffee. i want to do something original but am having a hard time coming up with a good topic. Could you please share any ideas you have regarding this? I would really appreciate your help
  6. Hey, As far as i know, fractals are not part of the ib syllabus. In my opinion, it would be better to do the exploration on something that is there in the syllabus so you know what you are doing (i am also not sure if the ib allows that)
  7. Hey Dax, this topic would be more suitable for an SL exploration. but for an HL exploration, you would need to have something where you can apply (at least some of ) the math that is not covered in SL. i would also say that your topic is not very focused as you could actually write a lot about the real life applications.... why not focus it to a particular "real life" problem and see how you can use the math to solve it. I hope you found this useful.
  8. Hey guys, We have started to write our third commentary in economics class and i chose this article to do mine on http://www.nytimes.com/2013/09/30/business/international/experimental-free-trade-zone-opened-in-shanghai.html?_r=1& i am having trouble with coming up with what to write in the commentary. Could you please give me some ideas i could include? I would be really grateful for any help
  9. Thats a really helpful comment Alpaca! thanks a lot for your suggestion the thing is that my knowledge issue before was "to what extent is capital punishment justified" but then my Tok teacher told me that that was very vague and advised me to narrow it down to democracy so it would be more focused. do you think i wont be able to have enough content if i do this?
  10. Hi guys, My tok presentation is in 3 days and i need help coming up with ideas for my tok oral. Here is my Knowledge Issue: "how can i know when capital punishment is morally justifiable in a democratic system" My real life situation is the Boston bomber case and the fact that he is being considered for the death penalty by USA. I need help with coming up with good arguments and ideas for what to include in the oral. any help will really be appreciated
  11. i dot think either of them is a good topic for the oral simply because they kind of have a yes/no answer... also you wont be able to use a lot of tok related stuff here. remember, the topic should relate to personally as well as with tok. think of some issues of global importance that relate to you.
  12. do you have the markscheme for this?
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