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  1. I am actually not sure if I want to look at the grades as it is my birthday today, and I'm so afraid to be disappointed x_x But at the same time, I NEED TO KNOW * 3 hours and 15 minutes *
  2. For Chemistry Paper 2, I will be very upset if there are any questions on acid-base calculations in Section A because I literally never succeed in those x_x For Section B, I'd probably choose an Organic Chemistry-question I cannot stand Biology Paper 2 Section A... But for Section B there, I am hoping for anything on nerve impulses, photosynthesis or cell respiration! As for options, in Biology, I'm doing D (Evolution) (so much hate for this option...) and E (Neurobiology); in Chemistry, option B (Human biochemistry) and option G (Further Organic Chemistry)
  3. I've been told that there was this one student from the year before me who failed CAS, and he couldn't take his exams. Not sure if that was the case or not, but at least this is what people is "gossiping" about in my class If you only want an IB Certificate, you don't have to do CAS (, TOK nor the EE). But I mean, you can't fail CAS!
  4. Hi IBers! I can see that the topic title may seem confusing, so I'll explain it here: Our Biology-teacher has given us an IA where we will do the Design, and using the Design to do DCP and CE. We did the data collection today in the lab with our own Design. However, for the DCP, I did not get the results that I expected. Considering this, my Design may get lower marks. Is it possible to change the Design so that the experiment will go as expected, even though I have done it? I have not handed it anything yet, which means the teacher has not assessed it. She has however seen my work, and
  5. As for me, I was allowed to switch to HL Chemistry after first year of IB. It was hard, but I managed. If you decide to switch to Biology HL, you will have some to catch up, depending on how far in the syllabus you are. Considering you only have had IB for a half year, I think you will be fine with switching now. The earlier, the better. Biology is mostly memorising. Additionally, you said you find the HL topics in Biology interesting, so I don't think you'll have a problem with catching up either The Biology Guide that the IB provides is actually quite handy, especially for Biology. You wi
  6. I used to have English A and Norwegian A, but I found the workload too much for me. So I changed from Norwegian A to B despite my teachers mentioned that this was going to be too easy to me (which it is), and I would most likely get an easy 7. I am also applying for UK universities, and I think it would be beneficial to have English A. However, if you get a good grade in English B, I don't think it would be a problem at all I would also like to say that I got a conditional offer from one universities in which I should get a minimum 5 in English A SL (and 5 in Math SL). I don't think I wo
  7. Done Your IA sounds like an interesting topic! Good luck
  8. I'm so thankful for your answer! I've been following the tips you gave since you answered. It was very helpful, and I appreciate it a lot! I wished I knew that Pascal's Triangle was a bad idea from the start...
  9. Hello! Math has lately been my weakest subject, and sadly, we have an Exploration to write. Our first draft is supposed to be handed in tomorrow. I have already written 6-7 pages on my IA. However, my topic is "Patterns in Pascal's Triangle", and it just occurred to me that it may be a weak topic... What do you think? I am basically out of ideas, and I think it might be too late to change topic. The Pascal's Triangle was something I just chose to write about because I found it quite interesting when we learned about this, but not something I am very excited about. I would appreciate a
  10. Electronic (omg love this genre so much) Deep house R&B These are ones I enjoy the most. Otherwise, I can listen to most genres There have been periods I've been into rap, dubstep (especially vocal dubstep!), classical... Also, I love listening to remixes of any song! Sometimes, I enjoy the remix of one song rather than the original, hehe
  11. Hi! I think writing a blog is a great idea for CAS! I was planning on writing blog for CAS as well, but I ended up doing Youtube-videos instead (not going so good though. I can't find time for it, and it's hard to be my own camera-man ). Anyway, for blogging, I think most of the people here are "book-/movie-holics", so you'll be just fine if you are doing book/film reviews and such. Additionally, you could also write: study tips for other students (IBers or non-IBers)motivation-postsDIYs, how-to's, cooking posts, anythingwrite whatever that interests you That's all that I could come up with
  12. Here's where I don't understand how you got there.. Can you explain all the steps, please! I'll try to explain, as I used to not understand that part as well So, to find the inverse function of g(x) (, and basically, any other functions): Write down the equation → g(x) = x / (x - 2) Change g(x) to y → y = x / (x - 2) Change y to x, and x to y → x = y / (y - 2) Solve for y → x = y / (y - 2) → x (y - 2) = y → xy - 2x = y → xy - y = 2x → y (x - 1) = 2x → y = 2x / (x - 1) Your new equation is the inverse of g(x) → y = 2x / ( x - 1) → g-1 (x) = 2x / (x
  13. I'm in my second year of IB, and I've been with my boyfriends since the second semeter of IB1. He is older than me, so he is at his second year at uni. I can honestly that it has been difficult when it comes to time management for me and my boyfriend. I, for instance, have to do lots of school work, and my parents are very strict about putting school as first prioritise. They were originally against relationships, but I guess I've proved them that I can manage, haha! Anyway, I want to and have to get good grades, and have my opportunities for the future open. IB is putting me through hard t
  14. Our final draft of EE was due on September 18th... However, most of us delivered only first draft that day
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