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  1. Its all about managing time. i had a tough time with this as I met my guy in my IB school and it was hard to connect with your bf while needing to do well in school as well. But I think that it is definitely possible and you shouldn't have to compromise just for the sake o the IB. Do well, study, put the time in, and date who you want at the same time, I can be done
  2. I am wondering how everyone felt about their exams, what are your reactions? I am mainly worried about French B as I generally struggle with the subject. History HL went more smoothly for me than I expected, hopefully that is a good sign, but I am still worried about it. How did you guys feel about History paper 3? What about psychology and english hl as well? Thanks for your replies, in advance
  3. I am studying Law at University in September. My IB subjects are English HL History HL Psychology HL Maths Studies SL French SL Biology SL What you really need is to go for History and English at HL and the rest don't really matter. They require analytical, critical writing. By studying these, your writing will become of a much higher level which is essential for Law! I'd think of changing English SL to HL if I were you (instead of maybe Biology?) I'd say Psychology or Philosophy are good to have but aren't essential. Former IB student and future Law undergrad. I did exactly the same su
  4. Use Pearson's correlation coefficient or linear regression? They could work for what you're trying to find out.
  5. Lol this is an epic idea! Diana The most gorgeous girl you have ever seen. She has big beautiful eyes and she is small but so cute that you want to pick her up She smiles all the time and when she smiles it makes you want to smile She's gorgeous shes is so Diana Look at those beautiful eyes she is so Diana
  6. One thing I can say is HL History is anything but easy. It involves essay skills that take a while to muster and there is so much content for the course that it requires mass memorization. I really enjoyed HL History and English though and would definitely recommend them. I don't think they're an easy way out and are worth studying. But chose whatever you are most comfortable with, because at the end of the day with the IB it is all about the grades.
  7. I speak Russian and English fluently, I also used to be fluent in Estonian but have since then forgotten the language completely ;( Have been learning French for a while but I really struggle with it
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    This was a psychology hl mock that I did based on the cognitive level of analysis syllabus objectives 8 markers: Explain how one hormone influences human behavior Describe one research study which has investigated schema theory Outline two errors in attribution 22 marker: The effects of social or cultural factors on one cognitive process (this one is a little short for a 22 marker)
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    an essay on Bismarck scored a 7
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    stalin historiography
  11. try this for free exam papers its a great website, has helped me in many times of need.
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