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  1. Yeah.. what I do is when I have a free period or if I don't have subjects for the rest of the day, I get my parents to call school and tell them I'm not feeling well and I just go home. But I definitely agree with what Chelleee said. Because we have such a small IB class (22 students), it is quite noticeable when people wag to do assignments and the teachers notice too. Or we just tell them that person is wagging
  2. Banned for not noticing TidusBlade is a toddler on the outside as well.
  3. Oh trust me, I know a few people that do. I'd pour it into a cup. How many children do you plan to have when you're married?
  4. The last picture where the sun was compared to the largest known star seriously freaked me out aye O_O
  5. Yeah, my friends that do Physics and Chem say that Chemistry is so much easier than Physics. And math just sucks so do Chem
  6. Just a few minutes ago. Do you know anyone who has/had swine flu?
  7. oh okay.. yeah the structure was what was confusing me the most. thanks so much
  8. Banned for banning someone about something they said in another thread
  9. I used a program called "Graph"... freeware. Hope that helps
  10. http://www.multichannel.com/article/160272-Viewer_Statistics.php link to reference for my TOK presentation lol
  11. Thanks. And yes I have heard of a Thesaurus... but whatever I found didn't have the effect I wanted.
  12. Banned for only thinking of rope as a noun
  13. Hardly ever but I start craving popcorn when I watch movies lol What is your favourite popcorn flavour?
  14. Thanks. Yeah, I am focusing on Television (mostly news), Advertising and the Internet. I have started doing stuff on the Nazi Propaganda and was thinking of throwing in that scene from "The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas" where he sees the concentration camp ads... And I'm doing some research on like Tiannamen Square because there was this edited picture of the Tank Man, where they had put a crowd on the side of the picture and when they showed witnesses the picture they said that there was a huge crowd when the even took place. And Wikipedia. So that covers Art and History ways of knowing. And my
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