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  1. yeh you right!! anywaz Thanks for your opinion !
  2. Whut? Your segment of essay makes little to no sense. It's hard to believe you're struggling to come up with examples, for natural sciences at least! Abortion, stem cell research, blood donation, organ donation, animal use in research, drug trials... it's littered with ethical issues! For the arts look at things that appall people. Where do you draw the line between what is and isn't art - for instance, what about taxidermy? I suggest that if that is indeed a section of your essay, that you stick it in the bin and start instead by making a good plan of the WHOLE essay before you begin again.
  3. Mine is the title #1 for the may 2014! "Ethical judgements limit the methods available in the production of knowledge in both the arts and the natural sciences. Discuss." but am struggling to come up with good claims and counter arguments for Art and Natural Science Also with examples!! My first claim is about how experimentations and observations of the continuous research (stem cell research) it becomes possible to progress as a human race “Scientists have finally recovered stem cells from cloned human embryos, a longstanding goal that could lead to new treatments for such illnesses as Pa
  4. So i have started my Philosophy IA but am having like some big problems; My philosophy IA is on 12 YEARS OF SLAVE and my stimulus is this “I don’t want to survive I want to live…. I will survive I will not fall into despair I will keep myself hearty till freedom is opportune…. I was a free man. I’m not a slave”. said by Solomon Northup The thing is am doing standard Philosophy but it looks like my stimulus has little ideas on core themes ... so am kinda stuck on what to do now!! because i originally wanted to talk about Existentialism but it seems like there is little ideas from my stimulu
  5. the idea seems good if your doing it but i don't need anything that would make my life hard.... i just need a simple but good idea that will allow me to gather loads of data.. and that will enable me to do some mathematical processes like chi squared, Pccm, etc thanks for the suggestion tho Thanks very much!!! and i totally understood what you said about the relationship of the two elements...i think i would continue to go forward with this idea and hope my teacher think is a good one.... ohh yeah , one thing i wanted to know more about is the survey bit?
  6. So, we just begun our maths studies project (internal assessment) and we are asked to gather our ideas by this thursday. i have an idea but am not too sure of what mathematical process would go with it and so if you have an idea.. please help me out so the idea i had was about Sleep and student performance... like i would be looking at sleeping patterns, to their average grades but am not sure if its a good idea in general. i also thought of something to do with games and gender,.... reaction time and gender but i don't know how to formulate them into a PROPER idea yet!!! So if any one has a b
  7. ohh really? whats your research on??? yeh i know.. i get what your saying too... i kept changing my from one topic to another but good luck with it tho THIS IS IB LIFE FOR US haha
  8. ohh that's an interesting research yeh i got what your saying about the experiment.. its really crucial aswell. loool i know and my supervisor ..his another kinda story but you know from this topic; population density on flowering plants and pollinators... what kind of research question can you form from it?? do you know??? aha thanks
  9. who did there Extended essay in biology and how did they find it... any tips like the DO's and Don't! I kinda need help in my own essay
  10. i need help on how to create a research question out of this my extended essay topic which is population density on flowering plants and pollinators. someone help me out asap Please!!!!
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