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  1. Im pretty sure the rule exists, you'd have to unfortunately work on something different Though, why didnt your supervisor see this earlier???
  2. Yes, you have to mention your KI's throughout your essay's claims and counter claims, but you also have to mention some of these in the intro. The maarkscheme says to include implications of restricting/not restricting methods used to produce knowledge in art & NS. You'd probrarbly get extra marks if you also mention good implications in other aoks, e.g. research methods in psychology. But yes, I didnt do this because I was running out of words and tok can make people very long-winded haha! Two pairs of claims/counterclaims for each AoK is perfectly fine but include two or more examples fo
  3. Mine was a Psychology EE: TO what extent does bilingualism enhance executive control functions (ECF) in individuals?
  4. I just finished my essay on this question. I dont know if I did well, but my tok teacher was really good in explaining this. This question is basically asking whether or not ethics prevents the methods used by scientists and artists to produce knowledge. 1. Intro, interpret question/title, raise possible KI's like should we compromise ethics in order to produce useful knowledge? 2. Define ethics and which WoKs are used by people to create ethical judgements. Point out problems of applying ethical judgements universally. 3. Define Natural sciences and which Woks it uses. - First claim should
  5. King George V School, Hong Kong, May 2014
  6. I just want to ask what English are you studying atm. If you're doing English A1, your EE has to be literature based (analysing two or more literary works) If its English B (which I think you are doing maybe???), you have a choice of doing one of 3 categories: Language, Culture & society, or Literature. I'll just assume you're doing Eng B. If this is the case, your topics should most likely fall under Culture & Society. This category is split into 2 sections (A and B) which you have to choose 1. I got this info from a copy of the IB's EE guide Page 33 onwards under the heading 'Group 2
  7. what are the names of the books/texts you are reading?? IOP's are like oral analyses' of texts, so treat them like one. Presentation makes up just as much as content in terms of marks, so make it as interesting as possible such as: adding effects to a powerpoint presentation, using only images in your slideshow to portray certain emotions, prezi, roleplaying, etc. Creative presentations like these is what makes it 'interactive' because it engages the audience, not just using open-ended/rhetorical questions. Content-wise, start off with the author and his background, putting the work you are a
  8. If you follow APA (which is what you're recomended to follow for psych) you don't have to footnote research studies. This all goes under the section 'References' at the end of the IA. You can footnote references to appendices but its fine if you put in brackets (See Appendix II) after mentioning the consent form or sth in the actual text/
  9. All data you collect from the experiment that has not been processed has to be put under Raw Data. btw do you mean 2,300 data points??? because thats a lot from 5 variations and 5 repeats, but still you have to put everything. Unless you delete some data...lol
  10. You explain it in a really confusing way HAHAHAAHA but I think you mean Languages spoken and ethnicity It is hard to find bilinguals/multilinguals who can speak all their languages fluently, so its better if you just ask how many languages they can speak relatively well (like conversationally).
  11. This topic fits perfectly with psychology! You don't have to change it at all. Gender roles and evolution is also part of the IB psych course.
  12. Yep you can link me the studies, and I think it would be easier and quicker to communicate through messages. Can I just ask when your EE deadline(s) are? ,just so I get an idea of your timeline and that I dont reply too late like this time (haha I was very busy so I forgot to check thiss!)
  13. I'll be glad to help you through this! Psychology has a slightly different style of writing to it, so I can help you get familiar with this. How has your research been? Just for some foundation, psychology is all about investigating human behaviour and how the environment, culture, upbringing etc. affects this, as well as how the brain works biologically and cognitively. There are usually three main components to take into consideration when writing your EE, these are essential: - Concepts/theories (usually formed by a psychologist- whom you will have to state) - Studies (research studies con
  14. I finished writing my EE on psychology just before summer, so hopefully my advice might be some use. Firstly, are you taking psychology for IB? Your topic which was 'Comparing the sleep state theta from a sensory deprivation tank sleep to normal sleep and how similar or different their dreams are' does have some potential, but right now based on what you've said, sounds a lot like a research hypothesis (as if you are going to conduct your own experiment) which you should avoid in an EE. Comparisons between different states is not too suitable, maybe look at effects of sensory deprivation tanks
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