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  1. Look at it like this - your grade is determined by all the exams you sat in addition to the internal assessments. So even a couple of points is actually a big difference since you would have to score higher in all your assignments. That said, no harm in asking them to recheck a certain subject if it's a matter of few points. You probably wouldn't go down by that much even if you did go down.
  2. Who crushed it? How're you guys passing time in between now and ... the unspeakable.
  3. I believe you can. But, the marking process itself involves two separate examiners. They probably would have given you around the same grade. If there's a wide discrepancy between both examiner's grades, they re-examine a third time.
  4. Hahaha. Congratulations! Oxford makes everything better doesn't it. The wait is deadly. All these people with their results before everyone else. Aah.
  5. 5 hours, 45 minutes and counting ...
  6. 26 hours moreorless until we have our results.
  7. Is it fine if I use references to other articles for my commentary for the purpose of additional information? I'm doing a macro IA on ECB's QE and can't find an article with all the information I would like to have.
  8. Should I get the 'Real ACT' or 'Barrons'. Heard McGrawHill was horrible
  9. Okay, awesome! We'll probably start sometime around the first week of July. Till then, request to join this community on G+: https://plus.google.com/communities/102134793071665088112
  10. Also, if you guys are interested in Math practice over the Summer. I'm organizing a weekly Math study group online via Google+ and boundaries aren't barriers. We'll choose a suitable time zone and everything but this would be awesome for all of us.
  11. Group study is often more effective than studying solo. If you're interested in this, comment here. We plan to have it on Google + and for an hour or more every week. We'll probably do exam questions considering different approaches to questions.
  12. Well, GMT+4 but we can make for adjustments. @Thrashmaster, no problem we're all in it together right. You're in the US, right. How about in the evenings there when it's morning here.
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