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  1. i work at a grocery store which is very boring 2 times a week for about 6 hours average each day at 7.25 an hour (us dollars) but i cant stand the mind numbing effects of beeping items across a scanner and asking the same questions to every person hundreds of times a day so im taking leave for school and going to wait to work again during the summer.
  2. You're assuming that any leader who kills their own people has common sense... and it would be to no benefit to the US if we were to support the rebels. the ideal scenario is that we are able to take away the rebels and the governments abilities to mass murder the people stuck in the middle of it. so to help those people without changing the outcome of the civil war.
  3. see i agree that we shouldn't take sides and let the civil war play out but the question is about response to the chemical weapons used against the civilians. i believe that if we go in strictly to take away WMD then it would force them to fight their civil war without being able to cause genocide to their innocent people. idk if i quite agree with you though because the US isn't really supporting either side at this moment and there are multiple rebel groups and none of them have the strength to have chemical weapons. at least that's what we're told here. and my guess is that syria is testin
  4. WHAT? R U SERIOUS? i thought ib french would be the equivalent in difficulty to french extended high school's french program! And I live in Toronto Well, that depends on which level of French you are going to go into. If you are going to go into French A (for native speakers) then you're going too slow. If it's French B (the intermediate level), then that's okay. I don't live in a Francophone country, but my friends who took the course all got 7s and 6s (to be exact, there were three 7s and two 6s). Although they were in French B SL, so I would assume that maybe for French B HL these tenses
  5. if you use the average of 75 beats per minute it would be 2,956,500,000 total heart beats in a 75 year lifetime
  6. Science is only what we think we know, we are limited by our perception and our bodies. Some come to the conclusion that everything we know is to survive so it may not actually be true, just useful to our survival. Until you can leave the human body, your capabilities are capped. On the earth is round thing, that whole story is bogus. The ancient Greeks knew that the Earth was round and learned people from then on knew that. The whole earth is flat actually came from people who were not educated either theologically or in some stream of study of the world around us. They interpreted scripture
  7. i as an Evangelist christian completely respect this stance from people. You can't prove that God does or does not exist. you just have a hunch of what you choose to believe and you should follow that. i have reasons for believing but if you don't then you don't there's nothing wrong with either way.
  8. Although Assad is barbaric, the rebels are making quite a name for themselves as well. Look at any of their ideologies, they are pledging allegiance to radical Islam. Slaughtering those who support Assad, executing POWs and on occasion eating the hearts of their enemies... at least under Assad minorities are protected and everyone is equally suppressed. Launching these missiles is allowing the US to get its foot in the door, by getting involved "marginally" it will turn into some sort of moral duty,etc... That being said I dont think the American people will allow it to get to that point. They
  9. well call me crazy but i heard exams are important and decide your grade so just a random thought but they're probably all important... haha just kidding im not really a jerk your SL class exams are probably going to be your first tests so they are important as a bench mark but the HL exams are the most important because chances are that you picked ur HL classes on the basis of what you enjoy and want to per sue in college. therefore they are what the university will mostly look at. at least in the US schools that is how it works idk too much about else where.
  10. I take IB spanish sl but i noticed the similarity and what i would say to this in my opinion is the IB program is setup to give you strong long lasting knowledge in every subject not just a learn this quick for the test and forget it style of language learning like normal school usually is. so when the kids not doing IB are "ahead" of you it's not really true. You will have much more in depth vocabulary and ability to speak it and you will maintain it much better compared to others. Slow and steady wins the race.
  11. i believe that the united states should take action purely by the fact that we have one of the strongest military's in the world and the technology to at least keep either side from having to power to harm the harmless people there. I don't think either side is correct on the civil war part and we shouldn't help either side but your question is asking about the chemical weapons and i feel like we can make a difference without picking a side. so if you had to say a side it would be the side of the innocent civilians tht must standby in the war. and from there France will obviously join in and t
  12. hey guys! i have come to realize that i truly suck when it comes to grasping and understanding information from a text in history for example. when someone reads it out loud or explains it i can really understand it and enjoy it alot but when we have long reading assignments i often find myself reading a page and realizing i have no idea what i just read. has anyone else had this problem also and solved it somehow? if so how? any help or suggestions is great. i also wanna hear some other peoples go to study styles, like music or silence or groups or alone... etc. im pretty sure im adhd to so
  13. i guess i cant help you because i have the ti-84 plus c silver edition because that's what ib recommended i guess for my class (HL math) and im from the USA so it could be different for you but i strongly suggest asking your teacher to help you out because chances are that you will be using the same recommened calculator as them but if they cant help you out there is great youtube tutorials for different calculators and you can even look up a manual for your type online
  14. i would say man is neither good or bad out of nature. we have free will and in some cases you can get more out of being bad than good. so i understand the argument of only helping to get something in return but i think true favors do exist and doing something good just for something in return is arguably bad.
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