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  1. I also had the same queries but here is a site that'll help itgsopedia.wikispaces.com
  2. Go for SL, people are always dropping from HL because they think they're all that. Just go for SL if you don't NEED the higher level
  3. Biology because it's more doable. If you're not passionate about science, it's the subject for you
  4. Use a study guide and study concepts and terms. business is mostly common knowledge unless it's stuff like break even & critical path
  5. hotel sounds like a lot of paper work beyond your scope. look for a smaller business enterprise to work with. like a bakery or a clothing shop. it'll give you less problems
  6. You cant fail it. Just dont wait till last minute otherwise you wont get all your hours in time
  7. Maybe it will help when applying elsewhere where they require some form of extracurricular activities done in college/high school
  8. Those requirements aren't up to date. but it depends on the school i guess, ours varies from yours slightly
  9. I also take English B HL, even though I'm quite fluent. It's dope since I don't have to put the slightest effort into it in order to earn a 7.
  10. My school offers English, French, Spanish but none of them can be done as HL.. SL is compulsory or something, I think
  11. Try predicted forecast vs actual forecast and find the accuracy of the forecast program or something like that. deuce
  12. Machabeng College, Maseru Lesotho
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